1   Short title

   2   Interpretation


Appointment of Officers

   3   Administrator-General

   4   Restrictions on Administrator-General

   5   Deputy Administrator-General

   6   Functions, powers and duties of Deputy Administrator-General

   7   As to office

   8   Administrator-General an officer of the Supreme Court

   9   Duties as to keeping accounts

   10   Special statements

   11   Keeping of funds



   12   When Administrator-General entitled to administration

   13   Time for application

      Administration where no minor beneficiaries

   14   Costs on revocation of administration

   15   Administration proceedings by him, same as in other cases

   16   Vesting of property

   17   Appointing Administrator-General executor of will

   18   No administration bond or oath of office required from him

   19   Duty to return inventories and administer estate vested in him

   20   Letters of administration, etc, granted to him by Supreme Court

   21   Rights, duties, powers and liabilities of Administrator-General

   22   Duty of Collectors to report deaths

   23   Jurisdiction of Court before or pending proceedings for administration

      Exercise of certain powers prior to grant of administration

   23B   Vesting of property by order of Court



   24   Power to appoint him a trustee or guardian

   25   Or committee of a lunatic

   26   Prohibition against acting with others

   27   When not bound to act as guardian or committee

   28   Not to be appointed guardian or committee ad litem, etc

   29   To be appointed receiver

   30   Rights, duties, powers and liabilities as trustee, guardian, committee or receiver

   31   Consent of Administrator-General in optional cases

   32   Duties in all other cases


Legal Proceedings

   33   How he is to sue and be sued

   34   How process served on him

   35   Judgments, etc in proceedings by or against him

   36   Execution against him

   37   Power to submit to the Supreme Court questions of doubt

   38   Suing or defending in forma pauperis

   39   Power to apply for the opinion and direction of the Court

   40   Relief from personal responsibility

   41   Power to apply to Court against him

   42   Winding up estates vested in him

   43   Power of Court in making orders

   44   Power of Court to make general orders under this Act

   45   Change of Administrator-General and vesting of estates, and continuing of proceedings thereon

   46   Administering by the Court of estates, etc vested in him

   47   Powers of Judge in Chambers

   48   Charges for administration of estates


Miscellaneous Provisions

   49   All remuneration other than salary to be paid into the Consolidated Fund

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