1   Short title

   2   Rules


Licensing Imports of Edible Oils

   3   Powers and duties of the Board

   4   Licence necessary for importation

      Minister may control export of copra and edible oil.

   5   [Repealed by Act 6 of 2003 s 4.]

   6   Penalty on contravention

   7   [Repealed by Act 6 of 2003 s 4.]

   8   Forfeiture on contravention

   9   Onus of proof in proceedings for forfeiture

   10   Powers of Customs Officers.

   11   The Governor-General in Council may direct no suit or stop any suit and return goods or fine

   12   Trial of offences


Increase of Tariff on Edible Oils

   13   Power of Minister by order to impose duty on edible oil

      Cess on specified coconut products or substitutes


Licence to Manufacture

   14   Licence necessary to manufacture edible oil

   15   Application for licence

   16   Trial of offences




[Date of Commencement: 13th February, 1932]

<IN:LF:0,RT:1.64514,FI:0>Cap 61.

42 of 1969,
31 of 1987,
41 of 1995,
6 of 2003.

1   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Coconut Industry Aid Act.

2   Rules

   The Minister may from time to time make and when made may rescind, alter or repeal rules for carding out the provisions of this Act and as to any matter arising under this Act and may enforce such rules by means of penalties not exceeding forty dollars to be recovered as penalties under this Act.

   Any rules made in pursuance of this section shall be published in the Gazette and shall be deemed to be within the powers conferred by this Act and shall be of the same force and effect as if enacted in this Act and shall be judicially noticed.

Licensing Imports of Edible Oils

3   Posture and duties of the Board

   (1) References in this Part to "the Board" shall be deemed to be references to the Coconut Industry Board constituted under the Coconut Industry Control Act

[31/1987 s 21<FT:"Tms Rmn",SR>.]

   (2) The Minister may by order set out the powers and duties of the Board for the purposes of this Act.

4   Licence necessary for importation

   (1) It shall not be lawful to Sport any coconut product or substitute into this Island except under a licence first obtained for the purpose from the Board:

[6/2003 s 3(a)(i).]

   Provided, however, that whenever it shall appear to the satisfaction of the Minister that it is no longer necessary in the interests of the edible oil manufacturing industry in this Island to continue such control of the importation of coconut products and substitutes into this Island as aforesaid it shall be lawful for the Minister from time to time by order to be published in the Gazette to withdraw or modify such control and by like order at any time to vary or revoke such order previously made and to reimpose such control as aforesaid.

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