1   Short title



   2   Lands Clauses Act partially incorporated

   3   Licence to supply electricity

   4   Rules as to applications for licences, etc

   5   Undertakers to be subject to regulations inserted in licence, etc or made by Minister

   6   Power of undertakers to acquire land, make contracts, etc

   7   Powers of Local Authority to contract as to supply of electricity

   8   Limitations of power as to breaking up streets, railways or tramways

   9   Electric line above ground: restrictions as to

   10   Powers as to altering the position of wires or pipes by the undertakers

   11   Compensation for damage sustained by exercise of powers

   12   Improper use of electricity

   13   Equality of terms for supply of electricity

   14   Undue preference prohibited

   15   Power to cut off the supply of electricity

   16   Unlawful cutting or injuring electric line

   17   Fraudulent use or waste of electricity

   18   Powers of entry on premises for inspection or removal of property of the undertakers

   19   Protection of property of undertakers against distress, etc

   20   Restrictions as to altering or doing anything affecting any Government telegraph line

   21   Electric lines or work in, over upon or under streets, etc prohibited if not licensed by the Minister

   22   Power to remove such line or work

   23   Notices in certain cases to use electric lines and works only in accordance with regulations

   24   Transmission of telegrams and work incidental thereto

   25   Power to take possession of electric works

   26   Power to Electricity Authority to purchase undertaking and works, after certain periods

   27   Power to Local Authority to fix and declare a Lighting Rate

   28   Publication of resolution fixing Lighting Rates

   29   By whom such rate payable

   30   Collection and payment over of such rates

   31   Tax Collection Act incorporated

   32   Electrical Inspectors

   33   Duties of Electrical Inspector

   34   Rules, regulations and penalties

   35   No person other than a licensee under this Act, etc to make any installation of wires


Ancillary Provisions

   36   Power to erect posts, supply lines, etc on or over land

   37   Objections to erection of posts, supply lines, etc on or over land

   38   Maintenance and repair of apparatus

   39   Power to enter land and take surveys

   40   Removal or alteration of supply line, etc

   41   Wayleave agreements

   42   Compensation for entry, etc on land by licensee

   43   Power of undertakers to obtain bulk supplies; fringe order provisions

   44   Decision of questions referred to Minister

   45   Supplementary powers in regard to holding of inquiries

   46   Regulations

   47   Interpretation




[Date of Commencement: 27th May, 1890]

Cap 108.

21 of 1958,
58 of 1958
25 of 1959
14 of 1961,
42 of 1961,
5 of 1962.

6 of 1964,
42 of 1969,
8 of 1977.



1   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Electric Lighting Act.


2   Lands Clauses Act partially incorporated

   The provisions of the Lands Clauses Act shall be incorporated with this Act, except the enactments with respect to the purchase and taking of lands otherwise than by agreement, and except the enactments with respect to the entry upon lands by the promoters of the undertaking.

[21/1958 s 2.]

3   Licence to supply electricity

   The Minister may from time to time license any Local Authority as defined by this Act, or any company or person, to supply electricity under this Act for any public or private purposes within any area, subject to the following provisions-

[21/1958 s 3.]

   (a)   the licence may make such regulations as to the limits within which, and the conditions under which, a supply of electricity is to be provided, and for enforcing the performance by the licensees of their duties in relation to such supply, and for the revocation of the licence where the licensees fail to perform such duties, and generally may contain such regulations and conditions as the Minister may think expedient;

   (b)   where in any area or part of an area in which any undertaken are authorised to supply electricity under any licence, the undertakers are not themselves the Local Authority, the licence may contain any provisions and restrictions for enabling the Local Authority, within whose jurisdiction such area or part of an area may be, to exercise any of the powers of the undertakers under this Act with respect to the breaking up of any street repairable by such Local Authority within such area or part of an area, and the alteration of the position of any pipes or wires being under such street, and not being the pipes or wires of the undertakers, on behalf and at the expense of the undertakers, and for limiting the powers and liabilities of the undertakers in relation thereto, which the Minister may think expedient.

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