1   Short title

   2   Definitions

   3   Within what time warlike scores are to be cleared

   4   Power to sell warlike stores remaining uncleared



[Date of Commencement: 18th November, 1889]

Cap 122.

42 of 1969,
12 of 1985.

1   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Explosives (Sale of Deposited Stores) Act.

2   Definitions

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   In this Act-

   "owner" includes every person who is for the time being entitled, either as owner or agent for the owner, to the possession of the warlike stores, subject to any lien thereon;

   "place of deposit" means arty place for the time being appointed or approved by the Minister as a proper place for the deposit of gunpowder;

   "warlike stores" means dangerous explosives and gunpowder as defined by the Gunpowder and Explosives Act, and includes arms, ammunition, military or naval stores, And any other articles which may or shall be deposited in place of deposit under any enactment of this Island.

[42/1969 3rd Sch.]

3   Within what time warlike scores are to be cleared

   All warlike stores which shall or may hereafter be deposited in a place of deposit, shall be cleared for Island use or exportation with two years from the date when they were or shall be so deposited, unless in either case the Commissioner of Customs and Excise shall, on application in writing by the owner thereof, grant a permit in writing allowing an extension of the time for clearing the same to some day to be therein named, and in all such cases shall be cleared at or before the expiration of the time allowed by such permit:

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