1   Short title

   2   Interpretation

   3   Taking of finger prints

      Taking of finger prints and photograph of persons in custody

   3B   Taking of finger prints and photograph of deported person

   4   Recording of conviction and sentence on finger print form

      Destruction, etc of finger print form and photograph on acquittal

   4B   Destruction of fingerprints and photographs where person not charged, etc

   5   Finger Print Bureau

   6   Finger print form and photograph admissible in evidence

   7   Proof of previous conviction by finger prints

   8   Rules

   9   Power to amend

   10   Penalties




[Date of Commencement: 16th July, 1936]

Cap 128.

Law 62 of 1960.

15 of 2005,
12 of 2009.

1   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Finger Prints Act.

2   Interpretation

   In this Act and any rules made thereunder-

   "authorised officer" means for the purpose of-

   (a)   section 3, any officer or sub-officer of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, or any correctional officer appointed as such by the Minister;

   (b)   sections 3A and 3B, an officer of the Jamaica Constabulary Force not below the rank of Superintendent or, in the case of a sub-officer of the Jamaica Constabulary Force in charge of a police station, the sub-officer;

   (c)   section 6, any officer or sub-officer of the Jamaica Constabulary Force;

[15/2005 s 2(a).]

   "Children's Advocate" means the Office of the Children's Advocate constituted under section 4 of the Child Care and Protection Act;

[15/2005 s 2(b).]

   "deportation order" means an order defined as such in the Criminal Justice (Administration) Act;

[15/2005 s 2(b).]

   "finger print'' includes a palm print and a foot print;

[15/2005 s 2(b).]

   "finger print form" means a piece of paper or cardboard printed in accordance with rules framed under this Act.

   "guardian" in relation to a juvenile, includes any person who, in the opinion of a Justice of the Peace having cognizance of any matter in relation to the juvenile, or in which the juvenile is concerned, has for the time being charge of or control over the juvenile;

[15/2005 s 2(b).]

   "restricted person" means any person who is the subject of an order made under section 54B(1) of the Criminal Justice (Administration) Act;".

[15/2005 s 2(b).]

3   Taking of finger prints

   (1) Where any person is charged before a Circuit Court, the Traffic Court, Children's Court, Family Court or a Resident Magistrate's Court with any offence specified in the First Schedule, the Court may order that the finger prints and photograph of such person shall be taken.

[62/1960 s 2; 15/2005 s 3(a)(i), (ii) and (iii).]

   (2) Where an order is made under this section for the taking of the finger prints and photograph of any person, such finger prints and photograph shall be taken by an authorised officer.

[15/2005 s 3(b).]

3A   Taking of finger prints and photograph of persons in custody

   (1) Where a person is taken into custody on reasonable suspicion of having committed an offence, that person's finger prints and photograph-

   (a)   subject to subsection (2), shall not be taken unless the authorised officer informs the person of such matters as may be prescribed and that-

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