1   Short title

   2   Public General Holidays

   3   What offices and places of business to be closed on public holidays

   4   Payments, etc falling due or to be done on a holiday, when to be made or done

   5   Construction of law or documents when the times for making a payment or doing an act falls on a holiday

   6   "Next day following" explanation

   7   Power to appoint special holidays

   8   Power to exempt any office or business

   9   Post offices, telegraph offices and wharves

   10   Contracts not to observe holidays if general, void

   11   Offences against this Act

   12   Recovery of penalties

   13   Power to amend Schedule




[Date of Commencement: 27th April, 1895]

Cap 148.

38 of 1960,
2 of 1962.


1   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Holidays Public General) Act.

2   Public General Holidays

   The several days mentioned in the Schedule and such other special day or days as may be appointed under section 7 are hereby declared to be "Public General Holidays".

3   What offices and places of business to be closed on public holidays

   All courts of justice, public offices, and all wharves, public and private (save as is provided in section 9), and all banks and their agencies, and the offices and places of business of all solicitors, assurers, insurers, bill discounters, building societies, and all persons licensed to carry on the business of merchants, general factors, wholesale dealers, storekeepers, commission agents and retailers who pay a trade licence on any place of business or class of business calculated on a gross value of the premises in which the business is carried on exceeding, in the parish of Kingston and the Urban and Suburban Districts of the Corporate Area as defined in the Second Schedule of the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation Act, five hundred dollars, or exceeding, in any other parish or area, two hundred dollars, and printing and newspaper offices shall be closed throughout the whole of each Public General Holiday:

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