1   Short title

   2   Interpretation

   3   Minister of Housing


Preparation and approval of Schemes

   4   Housing schemes

   5   Slum clearance schemes

   6   Improvement schemes

   7   Schemes to be prepared with due regard to other schemes

   8   Publication of notice and consideration of schemes

   9   Local Authority affected by scheme to be notified

   10   Scheme to contain plans and particulars

   11   Approval of schemes by Minister

   12   Notice of approval of schemes

   13   Submission of new schemes

   14   Power to carry scheme into effect


Emergency Housing Schemes

   15   Preparation of emergency housing schemes

   16   Approval of emergency housing schemes

   17   Notice of approval of emergency housing scheme and consequential powers


Effect of and Obligations consequent upon approval
of slum clearance scheme or improvement scheme

   18   Power to order demolition of insanitary buildings

   19   Use of land in respect of which demolition order has been made

   20   Improvement order and enforcement of notice

   21   Enforcement of notice requiring execution of works

   22   Owner of land and buildings may be permitted to carry out slum clearance scheme or improvement scheme

   23   Resident Magistrate may empower owner or mortgagee to execute works on default of another owner or mortgagee

   24   Application to Resident Magistrate


Acquisition of Land

   25   Acquisition of land required for schemes

   26   Land which may not be compulsorily acquired

   27   Power of Minister to make allowances to certain persons displaced


Completion of Schemes and Consequential Powers and Duties

   28   Minister to carry out schemes

   29   Assignment of duties of Minister to Local Authorities

   30   Recovery of possession of buildings within areas of approved schemes

   31   Power of Resident Magistrate to determine lease where premises demolished

   32   Provisions as to apparatus of statutory undertakers in land dealt with by the Minister under the Act

   33   Extinguishment of ways, easements, etc

   34   Power of Minister to require information as to ownership of premises

   35   Power of entry for inspection, etc

   36   Penalty for obstructing execution of Act

   37   Powers of dealing with lands and buildings

   38   Conditions to be observed by the Minister in letting houses

   39   Exemption in respect of certain duties, etc


Further Powers of Minister

   40   Power to guarantee loans for erection of dwelling-houses

   41   Power of Minister to assist persons for the purpose of improving or increasing housing accommodation.

   42   Form of receipt for advances and effect thereof

   43   Covenants implied in form of receipt

   44   Minister may accept mortgage other than in form of receipt

   45   Record and registration of receipts for advances

   46   Document in the form of Seventh Schedule sufficient to confer title on any purchaser


Preparation, approval and completion of schemes
prepared by housing associations

   47   Preparation and submission of scheme by housing association

   48   Conditions precedent to submission of scheme for approval

   49   Approval and completion of scheme



   50   Power of public departments, etc to make agreements in connection with schemes

   51   Minister empowered to close public thoroughfares for the purposes of carrying out necessary works in relation to scheme

   52   Summary procedure

   53   Right of appeal to Court of Appeal

   54   Regulations

   55   Service of notices

   56   Exemption from personal liability

   57   Establishment of Housing Fund

   58   Sources of Housing Fund

   59   Custody of Housing Fund

   60   Housing Estimates

   61   Application of Housing Fund



   62   Transitional




[Date of Commencement: 1st February, 1969]

Act 55 of 1968.


1   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Housing Act.

2   Interpretation

   In this Act unless the context otherwise requires-

   "approved housing scheme", "approved slum clearance scheme" and "approved improvement scheme" mean, respectively, a housing scheme, slum clearance scheme or improvement scheme, as the case may be, approved by the Minister pursuant to this Act;

   "barracks" includes any housing accommodation provided at any estate, plantation, pen, factory, works, or any other place for the lodging of persons employed thereat;

   "building" includes any house, out-house, barracks or any wall, fence or other erection being part of any premises wherein any house, out-house or barracks is or are contained;

   "defined area" means the area defined in any plan defining a housing area, a slum clearance area or an improvement area;

   "dwelling","dwelling-house", or "house" means any premises used as a separate dwelling or of a type suitable for such use and includes any part of a building which is occupied or intended to be occupied as a separate dwelling, and also includes a flat;

   "flat" means a separate and self-contained set of premises constructed for use for the purpose of a dwelling and forming part of a building from some other part of which it is divided;

   "housing area", "slum clearance area" and "improvement area" mean, respectively, an area declared by the Minister by order to be a housing area, a slum clearance area or an improvement area, as the case may be, as hereinafter prescribed;

   "the Housing Fund" means the fund established under section 57;

   "landlord" means the immediate landlord of an occupier and, in relation to an occupier of a dwelling-house who holds under a contract of employment under which the provision of the house for his occupation forms part of his remuneration, includes his employer; and "agent" means, in relation to the landlord of a dwelling-house, a person who collects rent in respect thereof on behalf of the landlord or is authorised by him so to do, or in the case of a dwelling-house occupied by a person who holds as aforesaid, a person who pays remuneration to the occupier on behalf of the employer or is authorised by him so to do;

   "Local Authority" means-

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