1   Short title

   2   Interpretation


General Principles of Interpretation

   3   Interpretation of terms applicable generally

   4   General interpretation of gender and number

   5   References to public officers by title of office

   6   References to the Crown

   7   Standard time: and references to sunrise and sunset

   8   Computation of time

   9   Provisions where no time prescribed

   10   Measurement of distances

   11   References to the number of a line

   12   Definitions subject to context and to apply to regulations, etc


Commencement and Citation of Acts

   13   Authenticated copy and assent to Bills

   14   Notification of assent to be published

   15   Commencement of Act on publication of assent, etc

   16   Moment when Act or regulations comes into operation

   17   Mode of citing Acts

   18   References in Acts

   19   Collective titles

   20   Words to be included in citation of portion of Act


Operation of Enactments

   21   Acts to be public Acts and judicially noticed

   22   Provisions to be substantive enactments

   23   Repeal of a repealing enactment

   24   Repeal and substitution

   25   Effect of repeal

   26   Provisions ceasing to have effect, deemed to be repealed

   27   Effect of repeal and re-enactment of regulation making section

   28   Effect of words of incorporation


Provisions as to Regulations

   29   Provisions as to making of regulations

   30   Definition for legislative purposes

   31   Commencement and proof of regulations

   32   Acts done under regulations deemed done under Act


Provisions as to Powers

   33   Exercise of powers between passing and commencement of Act

   34   Construction of provisions as to exercise of powers, etc

   35   Power to appoint includes power to suspend or dismiss

   36   Power to fill vacancy temporarily

   37   Power to make overlapping appointments

   38   Power to appoint chairman

   39   Power to appoint by official designation

   40   Construction of enabling words


Provisions as to United Kingdom Acts

   41   English Laws in force in the Island

   42   Reference in Act to provision of United Kingdom Act

   43   United Kingdom Acts to be read with necessary modification


Provisions as to Penalties

   44   Statement of penalty means maximum penalty

   45   Penalty at foot of section indicates maximum penalty for contravention of section

   46   Payment of portion of penalty by direction of Governor-General

   47   Disposal of forfeits

   48   Imposition of sentence


Provisions as to Offences

   49   Offences

   50   Attempt to commit an offence to be deemed an offence



   51   Change in title of public office

   52   Service of documents

   53   Signification of orders of Governor-General

   54   Power of majority

   55   Division of Act into Parts

   56   Construction of preamble and Schedules of Acts

   57   Deviations in forms

   58   Construction of amending Act with amended Act

   59   Reprint of amended Acts

   60   Notification of enactment and sale of Regulations, etc

   61   Evidence of signature of Attorney-General or the Director of Public Prosecutions

   62   Amendment or repeal in same Session

   63   Saving of rights of the Crown

   64   Mandated territories construction of enactments

   65   Act binding on Crown



   66   Saving for past Acts



[Date of Commencement: 1st April, 1968]

8 of 1968,
3 of 1969,
29 of 1987.

1   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Interpretation Act.

2   Interpretation

   In this Act unless the context otherwise requires-

   "Act" used with reference to legislation means any statute enacted by the Legislature of the Island whether before or after the 1st April, 1968, and includes any regulations made thereunder.

General Principles of interpretation

3   Interpretation of terms applicable generally

   In this Act and in all Acts, regulations and other instruments of a public character relating to the Island, now in force or hereafter to be made the following words and expressions shall have the meanings hereby assigned to them respectively. unless there is something in the subject or context inconsistent with such construction, or unless it is therein otherwise expressly provided-

   "act" used with reference to an offence or civil wrong, includes a series of acts, and words which refer to acts done extend to omissions;

   "affidavit" includes any document in relation to which an affirmation or declaration has been made by any person allowed by law to affirm or to declare instead of swearing;

   "Broad Seal" means the Broad Seal of Jamaica;

   "Cabinet" means the Cabinet of Jamaica;

   "Christian name" means any name prefixed to a surname, whether received in Christian baptism or otherwise;

   "Circuit Court" means a Circuit Court constituted under the Judicature (Supreme Court) Act;

   "coin" means any coin legally current in Jamaica;

   "Collector of Taxes" includes Assistant Collector of Taxes;

   "Commonwealth" has the meaning assigned to it by the Constitution of Jamaica;

   "Commencement" used with reference to an Act means the time at which the Act comes into operation;

   "committed for trial" used in relation to any person means committed to prison with the view of being tried before a Judge and jury by any authority having power to commit a person to prison with view to his trial, and includes a person who is admitted to bail upon a recognizance to appear and take his trial before a Judge and jury;

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