1   Short title


Qualification of Jurors

   2   Qualification of jurors

   3 to 5   [Repealed by Act 7 of 1980.]

   6   Finality of jury lists


Making up of Jury Lists

   7   Making up of jury lists

   8   Special panel of Justices to be chosen by Custos

   9   Holding of Special Petty Session for provisional settlement of jury lists

   10   Correction of lists in Special Petty Sessions

   11   Allowance of list and notification thereof

   12   Special Petty Sessions for final settlement of list

   13   Final settlement and transmission of jury list to Supreme Court

   14   Persons whose names appear on list to be jurors for the parish

   15   No alteration, etc of list


Impanelling and Summoning Jurors

   16   Registrar to strike panels

   17   Number of jurors on panels

   18   Making up of panels so that jurors may be summoned equally

   19   Service of summons

   20   Registrar to send jury list to Registrar and Clerks

   21   Power of Court to order additional panel of jurors to be struck

   22   Panels of jurors to be used alternately

   23   Division of panels where two or more Courts are held


Special Provisions Relating to Special Juries

   24   Power to order special jury in criminal cases involving accounts or documents

   25   Judge may order special jury

   26   Appointment of time and service of notice of striking special jury

   27   [Repealed by Act 1 of 2009 s 10.]

   28   New order to strike special jury unnecessary for remanet

   29   When special jury not struck or summoned, case to be heard before common jury

   30   When special juror not to serve on common jury


Number of Jury

   31   Number of jurors in criminal cases

   32   Number of jurors in civil cases

   33   Challenge

   34   Foreman of jury


Payment of Jurors

   35   Payment of jurors in civil cases

   36   Method of payment

      Costs of special jury

   37   Payment of jurors in civil cases

   38   Subsistence allowance


Fines on Jurors

   39   Fines

   40   Juror not liable to penalty unless served twenty-one days before Court

   41   Procedure on infliction of fine

   42   Recovery of penalties



   43   Tales

   44   Verdict of jury in criminal cases

   45   Discharge of jury in criminal cases

   46   Refreshment for jurors

   47   Power to permit jury to separate

   48   Challenge to the array, etc

   49   Ballot for jury in Circuit Court

   50   Saving of inherent powers of Court

   51   Rules

   52   Regulations




[Date of Commencement: 17th July, 1898]

Cap 186.

11 of 1962,
15 of 1962.

8 of 1962,
2 of 1966,
42 of 1969,
18 of 1975,
1 of 1979,
7 of 1980,
3 of 1981,
1 of 1987,
28 of 1987,
10 of 1989,
1 of 2009,
24 of 2010.


1   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Jury Act.

Qualification of Jurors (sections 2-6)

2   Qualification of jurors

   (1) Subject to subsections (2), (3) and (4), any person who resides in Jamaica and has attained the age of eighteen years but is under the age of seventy years, is qualified and liable to serve on juries if-

   (a)   the person's name is on any current official list of electors for elections to the House of Representatives; or

   (b)   the person is registered under section 17D of the Revenue Administration Act.

[7/1980 s 2; 1/2009 s 2.]

   (2) No person who-

   (a)   is not a Commonwealth citizen; or

   (b)   cannot speak, read and write English; or

   (c)   is at the date on which he is required to serve as a juror-

         (i)   a person awaiting trial in a Resident Magistrate's Court for an indictable offence; or

         (ii)   a person in respect of whom a preliminary inquiry into an indictable offence is pending or who has been committed for trial for such an offence, or

   (d)   has been convicted of treason or any offence for which he has been sentenced to imprisonment (by whatever name called) for a period in excess of six months, unless he has received a free pardon,

shall be qualified to serve on juries.

   (3) The persons described Schedule A shall be exempt from jury service, and their names shall not be inserted in the jury lists.

   (4) The Minister may from time to the, by order published in the Gazette, amend Schedule A.

   (5) Save as provided by or pursuant to this section and subject to section 18, no person qualified to serve shall be exempt from jury service.

3 to 5      [Repealed by Act 7 of 1980.]

6   Finality of jury lists

   (1) No person whose name is on the jury list as a juror shall be entitled to be excused from attendance at Court on the ground of any disqualification or exemption, other than illness, not claimed by him at or before the final settlement of the list as hereinafter provided; but a Judge, Resident Magistrate or Coroner may excuse any person if satisfied that-

[7/1980 s 4.]

   (a)   that person is disqualified or is entitled to exemption under any provision of this Act; or

   (b)   on application by that person or, in the case of an employed person, his employer, such attendance will result in undue financial loss or hardship; or

[8/1999 s 2(b).]

   (c)   such person, for reasons which appear sufficient to the Judge, Resident Magistrate or Coroner, should be excused.

[8/1999 s 2(a).]

   (2) No verdict or finding in any proceedings, whether civil or criminal or a Coroner's inquest, shall be invalidated by reason only of the fact that a person disqualified or exempt from so serving, served on the jury in those proceedings.

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