1   Short title

   2   Interpretation

   3   Power to make regulations

   4   Garden vested in Commissioner of Lands

   5   Penalty for breach of regulations

   6   Powers of a keeper in uniform

   7   Assault on keeper in execution of his duty

   8   Powers of keeper within garden

   9   Powers of constable within garden

   10   Keeper's power as to animals found in garden

   11   Posting up regulations

   12   Publication of regulations

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[Date of Commencement: 19th August, 1874]

Cap 199.

Law 21 of 1960.

1   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Kingston Public Garden Act.

2   Interpretation

   In this Act-

   "Kingston Public Garden" and "public garden" shall mean and include the enclosed portion of the Kingston Parade;

   "keeper" shall mean any person who may be appointed a keeper of the said public garden.

3   Power to make regulations

   The Minister may make regulations for the government of the public garden and of all persons employed therein, or resorting thereto or to its immediate neighbourhood, or in any way using the same, or any part thereof, and may from time to time alter, add to or rescind any regulations for the time being in force under this Act.

4   Garden vested in Commissioner of Lands

   The Kingston Public Garden is hereby vested in the Commissioner of Lands, his successors and assigns, upon trust to permit the same to be used for the purposes of a public garden in such manner and subject to such regulations as the Minister may from time to time appoint; and all existing estates, interests, uses, trusts, rights of way, and other rights of the public in any way affecting the Kingston Public Garden as described in the plan or diagram recorded in the Record Office in Liber 965, folio 110, are hereby determined.

[21/1960 s 8.]

5   Penalty for breach of regulations

   If any person shall do any act in contravention of any regulation made by the Minister under this Act he shall, on summary conviction, be liable to a penalty not exceeding ten dollars.

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