1   Short title

   2   Interpretation


Establishment of Leprosarium

   3   Establishment of leprosarium

   4   The Lepers Home, Spanish Town

   5   Appointment of servants

   6   Erection of dwelling-house by an inmate


Notification and Examination of Persons suffering from Leprosy

   7   Notification of leprosy

   8   Examination of leprous patient


Admission to Leprosarium

   9   Voluntary application for admission to leprosarium

   10   Detention of leprous patient after examination

   11   Leper wandering at large in any public place

   12   Detention of leper awaiting trial or conviction

   13   Prison accommodation in leprosarium


Removal and Discharge from Leprosarium

   14   Removal of lepers

   15   Chief Medical Officer may discharge from leprosarium

   16   Discharge on certificate by Medical Superintendent

   17   Prohibition of certain trades to leprous patients

   18   Penalty for carrying on prohibited trade

   19   Leprous patients entering public vehicles or frequenting public places

   20   Sale of food and drink by leprous patient

   21   Obtaining article from inmate of leprosarium


Landing of Lepers Prohibited

   22   Landing of leprous patient prohibited

   23   Visiting Officer may detain person suspected of being leprous patient

   24   Leprous patients landing unlawfully may be returned to place whence they came


Management and Discipline of Leprosarium

   25   Power to make rules

   26   Violation of rules by inmates

   27   More serious offences by inmates

   28   Solitary confinement



   29   Visiting Justice

   30   Penalty for trespassing on leprosarium

   31   Aiding leper to escape

   32   Detention and recapture of leprous patients

   33   Evidence required to prove leprosy

   34   Authority to make tests and take samples

   35   Cleansing and disinfection of premises

   36   Penalty

   37   Minister may amend monetary penalties




[Date of Commencement: 17th November, 1949]

Cap 218.

Act 7 of 2011.

1   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Leprosy Act.

2   Interpretation

   In this Act-

   "institution" means any hospital, asylum, alms-house or house of refuge maintained at public expense for the care of the sick or destitute poor;

   "leprosarium" means an institution for the segregation and treatment of persons suffering from leprosy;

   "leprous patient" means a person found, after examination in accordance with the provisions of section 8, to be suffering from any variety of leprosy;

   "medical practitioner" means a duly qualified medical practitioner registered under the Medical Act;

   "premises" includes ships and aircraft;

   "Visiting Justice" means a Visiting Justice of a leprosarium appointed by the Minister under section 29.

Establishment of Leprosarium

3   Establishment of leprosarium

   The Minister may by order declare any buildings and any land attached thereto to be a leprosarium and thereupon such buildings and land shall be a leprosarium under this Act.

4   The Lepers Home, Spanish Town

   (1) The buildings and land at Spanish Town hitherto known as "The Lepers Home" shall be known and styled as "The Hansen Home" and wherever any reference occurs in any enactment or in any rule, regulation, by-law, proclamation, order, notification, notice or any other instrument to "The Lepers Home" such reference shall be construed as a reference to "The Hansen Home".

   (2) The Hansen Home, together with such buildings and land adjacent thereto as may hereafter be erected or acquired for the same purpose shall be deemed to be and the same are hereby declared to be a leprosarium under this Act.

5   Appointment of servants

   (1) The Governor-General may appoint fit and proper persons to perform the duties of Medical Superintendent, Medical Officer, Dental Officer, Matron, Assistant Matron, Dispenser Warder and Dispenser of a leprosarium.

   (2) The Chief Medical Officer shall, subject to the direction of the Minister, have the control and direction of every leprosarium.

6   Erection of dwelling-house by an inmate

   Any leprous patient may, by special permission of the Chief Medical Officer, cause to be erected for himself a dwelling-house at his own expense within the limits of the leprosarium in which he is detained or in which he is about to become a patient, subject to such conditions as to plans, site, structure, drainage and otherwise as the Chief Medical Officer may approve.

Notification and Examination of Persons suffering from Leprosy

7   Notification of leprosy

   (1) Where an inmate of any premises used for human habitation is a leprous patient or shows signs from which it may reasonably be suspected that he is a leprous patient, then, unless such premises is a leprosarium, the following provisions shall apply-

   (a)    The head of the family to which such inmate belongs, and in his default the nearest relative of the inmate present in the premises, or being in attendance on the inmate, and in default of such relative, any person in charge of or in attendance on the inmate, and in default of any such person the occupier of the premises, shall, as soon as he becomes aware that the inmate is a leprous patient, or is suspected of being a leprous patient, give notice thereof to the Medical Officer (Health) of the parish in which such premises is situated.

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