1   Short title

   2   Act to apply to Kingston and such other parish as Minister may direct

   3   Act not applicable to certain agricultural tenancies

   4   Meaning of "Council"

      [Repealed by Act 27 of 1991.]

   5   Deposit of map with Council

      Deposit of specification

      Specifications to bear certificate if land is in Kingston or St. Andrew

      When a person is to be deemed to lay out or sub-divide land for the purposes of building

   6   Fees

   7   Power of Council to exclude areas from operation of Act

   8   Council may sanction or refuse sanction

      Council may state reasons for refusal or the imposition of conditions

      Approval of Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation if lands in Kingston or St Andrew

   9   Prohibition in public interest of sub-division of land adjoining foreshore

   10   Owner failing to comply with specifications, etc

   11   Council may make regulations

   12   Failure to deposit map with Council and sub-dividing before sanction

   13   Contracts, legal proceedings, etc

   14   Council for parishes other than Kingston to submit maps, etc, to Chief Technical Director

   15   Appeal



[Date of Commencement: 19th May, 1914]

Cap 227.

64 of 1955,
22 of 1956,
11 of 1959.

17 of 1965,
36 of 1968,
26 of 1987,
27 of 1991.

1   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Local Improvements Act.

2   Act to apply to Kingston and such other parish as Minister may direct

   This Act shall apply to the parish of Kingston and to such other parishes as the Minister may by notice published in the Gazette from time to time direct.

3   Act not applicable to certain agricultural tenancies

   Where any land, with or without buildings thereon, consisting of not less than half an acre nor more than ten acres is intended primarily for cultivation or pasturage, nothing in this Act shall apply to any laying out or sub-division of such land pursuant to a contract, express or implied, creating a tenancy or licence in respect of such land.

[11/1959 s 2.]

4   Meaning of ''Council''

   In this Act "the Council" means in the parishes of Kingston and St. Andrew the Council of the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation and in any other parish the Parish Council of such parish.

4A    [Repealed by Act 27 of 1991.]

5   Deposit of map with council

   (1) Every person shall, before laying out or sub-dividing land for the purpose of building thereon or for sale, deposit with the Council a map of such land, such map shall be drawn to such scale and shall set forth all such particulars as the Council may by regulations prescribe and especially shall exhibit, distinctly delineated, all streets and ways to be formed and laid out and also all lots into which the said land may be divided, marked with distinct numbers, and shall also show the areas and shall it required by the Council be declared to be accurate by a statutory declaration of a Commissioned Surveyor.

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