1   Short title

   2   Interpretation

   3   Property vested in Commissioner of Land

   4   Establishment of Board

   5   Power to lease

   6   Improvement and additions

   7   Duties of Board

   8   Lodgment of Funds

   9   Regulations




[Date of Commencement: 23rd December, 1927]

Cap 249.

Law 5 of 1961.

1   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Milk River Bath Act.

2   Interpretation

   In this Act-

[5/1961 s 2(1)(a).]

   "Board" means the Milk River Bath Board;

   "building purposes" includes the erecting and the improving of, and the adding to, and the repairing of buildings; and a building lease is a lease for any building purpose or purposes connected therewith;

   "the fund" means the fund or account established under this Act;

   "the property" means the property described in the First Schedule and any additions thereto made under the provisions of this Act;

[5/1961 s 2(1)(b).]

   "rent" includes yearly or other rent, and toll, duty, royalty or other reservation.

3   Property vested in Commissioner of Land

   The property mentioned and described in the First Schedule and any additions which may be made thereto by the Board under the provisions of this Act shall be and the same is hereby vested in the Commissioner of Lands for the use and benefit of the inhabitants of Jamaica.

[5/1961 s 2(2).]

4   Establishment of Board

   (1) There shall be established for the purposes of this Act a body corporate under the name of the Milk River Bath Board.

[5/1961 s 2(3).]

   (2) The provisions of the Second Schedule shall have effect as to the constitution of the Board and otherwise in relation thereto.

5   Power to lease

   (1) It shall be lawful for the Board with the approval of the Minister and subject to the consent of the House of Representatives to lease the property or any part thereof or any easement, right or privilege of any kind over or in relation to the same for any purpose approved by the Minister whether involving waste or not for any term not exceeding-

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   (a)   in the case of a building lease, ninety-nine years;

   (b)   in case of any other lease, forty years.

   (2) Every building lease shall be made partly in consideration of the lessee, or some other person, having erected, or agreeing to erect, buildings, new or additional, or having improved or repaired, or agreeing to improve or repair, buildings, or having executed, or agreeing to execute, on the property leased, or part thereof, any improvement authorised by the Minister for or in connection with building purposes.

   (3) In the case of a building lease, a rent less than the rent ultimately payable, may be made payable for the first five years or any less part of the term.

   (4) Notwithstanding anything hereinbefore contained it shall not be lawful to make any lease of the property unless such lease shall contain adequate provisions for the reception and accommodation of sick and infirm persons at such rates and charges as shall from time to time be approved by the Minister; and in the case of necessitous, sick and infirm persons who are unable to make any payment, unless such lease shall provide that one or more of the baths on the property shall be open to the public without payment.

6   Improvement and additions

   It shall be lawful for the Board with the approval of the Minister from time to time to add any buildings to the property or to improve the accommodation provided on the property out of the fund or out of such moneys as may from time to time be voted by the House of Representatives.

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