1   Short title

   2   Interpretation

   3   Appointment of Muslim marriage officer

   4   Marriage officers may act in any part of the Island

   5   Civil Registrars to exhibit list of marriage officers

   6   Requisites of marriage

      Proviso as to polygamous and incestuous marriages

   7   Age limit and consent

   8   Consent to marriage in certain cases

   9   Marriages which may not be registered

   10   Completion of marriage certificate and transmission to Registrar-General

   11   Registration of marriages entered into prior to commencement of Act

   12   Filing of certificate and registration of marriage by Registrar-General

   13   Legitimacy of children

   14   Application of Legitimation Act

   15   Correction of clerical errors in Register Book

   16   Searches in Register Book and copies of entries

   17   Use of English language

   18   Destroying or injuring Register Book, etc

   19   Offences by unauthorised persons

   20   Fees

   21   Regulations

   22   Marriages permissible under the general law




[Date of Commencement: 19th December, 1957]

Law 53 of 1957.

1   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Muslim Marriage Act.

2   Interpretation

   In this Act-

   "Civil Registrar" and "Registrar-General" mean respectively Civil Registrar of Marriages and Registrar-General of Marriages under the Marriage Act;

   "marriage officer" means a person appointed to be a Muslim marriage officer in accordance with section 3;

   "Register Book" means the Muslim Marriage Register Book provided for under section 12.

3   Appointment of Muslim marriage officer

   (1) The Minister or any person duly authorised by him may from time to time appoint, and remove at pleasure, such persons being Muslim as he shall think fit to be marriage officers for the purposes of this Act.

   (2) Appointments and removals of, and any resignation or vacation of office by, marriage officers shall be notified in the Gazette, and shall take effect from the date of publication.

4   Marriage officers may act in any part of the Island

   It shall be lawful for any officer appointed under section 3 to act as a marriage officer in any parish of the Island.

5   Civil Registrars to exhibit list of marriage officers

   Every Civil Registrar shall keep affixed in a conspicuous place in his office a list containing the names and addresses of all marriage officers appointed under this Act.

6   Requisites of marriage

   The requisites of a valid Muslim marriage under this Act are-

   (a)   that each of the parties belongs to and professes the Muslim faith or religion;

   (b)   that each of the parties shall, as regards age, mental capacity and otherwise, be capable of contracting marriage;

   (c)   that the parties shall not by reason of anything contained in the Islamic law relating to marriage be prohibited from marrying one another;

   (d)   that the parties, understanding the nature of the contract, shall freely consent to marry one another;

   (e)   that the marriage shall be effected by or before a person appointed as a marriage officer under the provisions of this Act;

   (f)   that the marriage shall be registered in accordance with the provisions of this Act:

Proviso as to polygamous and incestuous marriages.

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