1   Short title

   2   Interpretation


Insured Persons and National Insurance


   3   Persons to be insured

   4   Source of funds, contributions

   5   Provisions relating to payment of contributions

   6   Employer's liability to pay contributions

   7   Voluntary contributions

   8   General regulations as to payment and collection of contributions, etc



   9   Descriptions and rates of benefits and contribution conditions


Old Age Benefit

   10   Old age benefit

   10A   Special pensioner


Invalidity Benefit

   11   Invalidity benefit


Widow's and Widower's Benefit

   12   Widow's and widower's benefit


Orphan's Benefit

   13   Orphan's benefit


Special Child's Benefit

   14   Special child's benefit


Benefits Attributable to Injury or Disease in Employment

   15   Employment injury benefit

   16   Employment injury disablement pension

   17   Successive accidents and diseases

   18   Disqualification for benefit in certain cases

   19   Employment injury death benefit


Funeral Grant

   20   Funeral grant


Maternity Benefit

      Maternity allowance to domestic workers

   20B   Grants to certified exporters in respect of maternity pay


Miscellaneous Provisions in Regard to Benefit

   21   Increase of old age and invalidity pension for a dependant spouse

   22   Duplicate rights

      Parallel rights

   23   Regulations with regard to payment of benefits and as respects persons abroad or in prison

   23A   Increase in benefits


Claims and Adjudication

   24   Time and manner of making claims

   25   Deceased persons and persons unable to act

   26   Benefit to be inalienable

   27   Repayment of benefit improperly received

   28   Independent authorities

   29   Determination of questions and claims

   30   Authority for payment of expenses

   31   Proceedings before local tribunals and the umpire

   32   Medical Boards and Medical Appeal Tribunals

   33   Reference of claims to disablement benefit to Medical Boards

   34   Review of medical decisions

   35   Power to make regulations permitting reference to single medical practitioner

   36   Appointment of medical advisers


Administration and Finance

   37   Administration by the Ministry

   38   Power of inspectors

   39   The National Insurance Fund

   40   Annual estimates and expenses of administration

   41   Reports

   42   Power to make orders



   43   Reciprocal arrangements

   44   Offences and penalties

   45   Civil proceedings

   46   Proceedings against officers under this Act

   47   Power of officer to conduct proceedings

   48   Proceedings against employer for benefit lost by employer's default

      Designation of responsible officer by body corporate

   49   [Deleted by Act 28 of 2003 s 2.]

   50   Regulations

   51   Crown Servants

   52   Mariners and airmen


Transitional and Commencement Provisions

   53   Commencement provisions with regard to contributions of self-employed persons and other prescribed persons

   54   Modification of the Workmen's Compensation Act in relation to persons entitled to injury benefits

   55   Measure of damages where section 54 applies

   56   [Repealed by Act 18 of 1990 s 10.]

   57   Transitional provisions




[Date of Commencement: 4th April, 1966]

38 of 1965,
27 of 1970,
25 of 1973,
41 of 1974,
35 of 1975,
17 of 1976,
36 of 1976.
14 of 1978,
15 of 1978,
16 of 1979,
32 of 1979,
43 of 1979,
9 of 1980,
9 of 1981,
11 of 1986,
29 of 1988,
18 of 1990,
28 of 1993,
39 of 1997,
28 of 2003,
22 of 2005,
9 of 2011,
14 of 2012.

49 1A/2009.

Preliminary (sections 1-2)

1   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the National Insurance Act.

2   Interpretation

   (1) In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires-

   "the appointed day" means the 4th April, 1966;

   "benefit", means benefit which is payable under this Act;

   "calendar year" means the period of twelve months commencing on the first day of January in each year;

   "child", in relation to an insured person, includes-

   (a)   a step-child; and

   (b)   any other child, whether legitimate or not living with the insured person and wholly or mainly maintained by him;

   "Commissioner" means the Commissioner of Taxpayer Audit and Assessment;

[LN 165/1999.]

   "contribution" means a contribution payable pursuant to this Act;

   "contribution week" means a period of seven days commencing immediately after twelve o'clock midnight on each Sunday and ending at twelve o'clock midnight on the Sunday next following;

   "contribution year" means-

   (a)   the period of 52 weeks beginning with the appointed day;

   (b)   any subsequent period of 52 or 53 weeks, as the case may be, commencing on the Monday of the week in which the anniversary of the appointed day occurs and ending with the Sunday immediately before the Monday of the week in which the next anniversary of the appointed day occurs;

   "declared day" has the meaning assigned to it by subsection (3) of section 9;

   "disability" means the loss of capacity for any of the ordinary activities of life;

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