1   Short title

   2   Interpretation

   3   Establishment and incorporation of National Water Commission

   4   Functions of the Commission

   5   Entry on premises

   6   Acquisition of land

   7   Power to borrow

   8   Power to issue securities

   9   Power of Minister to guarantee loans to Commission

   10   Power to invest moneys

   11   Water rates and charges

   12   Sewerage connections

   13   Estimates

   14   Accounts and audit

   15   Liability for improper expenditure

   16   [Deleted by Act 28 of 2003 s 2.]

   17   Annual report

   18   Power of Minister to give policy directions

   19   Power to make regulations

   20   Modification of water rates under Parishes Water Supply Act

   21   Rates charged upon property and distress for non-payment

   22   Power to sell

   23   Power to lease land

   24   Power to lock off water

   25   Unauthorised taking of water an offence

   26   Owner or occupier of premises selling water supplied by Commission an offence

   27   [Repealed by Act 2 of 2004 s 9.]

   28   Offences, how tried and penalties

   29   Regulation of wells

   30   Reference of disputes to Minister




[Date of Commencement: 22nd August, 1963]

10 of 1963,
32 of 1965,
32 of 1973,
26 of 1980,
32 of 1988,
28 of 2003,
2 of 2004.

1   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the National Water Commission.

2    Interpretation

   In this Act-

   "Commission" means the National Water Commission established under section 3;

   "Chairman" means the Chairman of the Commission and includes any person for the time being performing the functions of the Chairman;

   "financial year" means such period of twelve months as the Commission with the approval of the Minister may determine to be its financial year, so, however, that the first financial year shall be the period commencing with the commencement of this Act and ending with such day as may be fixed by the Commission with the approval of the Minister;

   "functions" includes duties and powers;

   "immovable property" includes-

   (a)   land;

   (b)   buildings and other erections, structures or fixtures affixed to any land or to any building or other erection or structure;

   (c)   streams, springs, wells, water and water rights whether held together with, or independently of, any land;

   (d)   privileges, liberties, easements and any other rights and advantages whatsoever appertaining or reputed to appertain to any land or to any building or other erection or structure;

   (e)   an undivided share in any property hereinbefore set out;

   "perform'' includes exercise;

   "property" includes movable and immovable property;

   "sewage" means the wastes of animal life other than stable manure, the drainings of stables, water discharged from sinks, basins, baths, and all other water that has been used for domestic purposes or in any industrial processes, and all waste water.

[26/1980 s 3.]

   "sewer" means any culvert, drain or pipe, intended c used for the conveyance of sewage;

[26/1980 s 3.]

   "sewerage" means the system of sewers and their accessories by which sewage is intended to be collected, conveyed and treated and includes all sewerage which may hereafter be constructed under any of the powers contained in this Act or any other enactment:

[26/1980 s 3.]

   "water supply services" includes sewerage systems;

   "water works" includes streams, springs, wells, pumps, reservoirs, cisterns, tanks, catchments, aqueducts, sluices, mains, pipes, valves, culverts, engines and all machinery, buildings and things for supplying, or used for or in connection with supplying water, or used for protecting sources of water supply;

   "works" means the water works and sewerage.

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