1   Short title


Public Water Supply

   2   Places where this Part is in force

   3   Interpretation


Construction of Works

   4   Application for power to construct water works

   5   Water Supply districts-definition of

   6   Powers of Parish Council to construct works

   7   Powers of Chief Technical Director if authorised to undertake any water works


Acquisition, etc, of Land

   8   Power to acquire lands, etc

   9   Lands Clauses Act partially incorporated

   10   Vesting of lands and management of water works

   11   Power to alter streets, roads, etc

   12   Sale of superfluous lands



   13   Advances for construction or maintenance of works

   14   Repayment of advances and interest on what rates charged

   15   Provision for repayment


Rates and Charges

   16   Water Supply rates. Property partly within and partly without rateable area. Relief

   17   Application of this Act to parishes listed in Fourth Schedule

   18   Rates on Government buildings

   19   Existing rates

   20   Rights of ratepayers to water

   21   Contracts for supply of water

   22   Sales of water

   23   Parish Council and Corporation authorised to charge in accordance with by-laws for the supply of water from           public tanks constructed under Law 26 of 1893 (now repealed)

   24   Free supply of water by Parish Councils

   25   Free supply of water by Water Commission

   26   [Repealed.]


Water Supply Accounts

   27   Accounts for each district

   28   Payments in

   29   Payments out

   30   Expenses of collection

   31   Deficiencies, how payable


   32   By-laws

   33   Publication of by-laws

   34   Fittings


   35   Recovery of rates, etc, by suit

   36   Documents free from stamp duty


Offences, etc

   37   Arrest on view

   38   Damage to Works, etc

   39   Frauds

   40   Tampering with pipes, etc

   41   Entry on premises

   42   Free process

   43   Time limitation for prosecution

   44   Recovery of penalties


Jamaica Parishes Water Supply Loans

   45   Interpretation of terms

   46   Parish Council of any parish may make loans to persons in possession of land

   47   Application of Part II

   48   Form of receipt

      Rights and powers which shall be conferred on Council on receipt being signed

   49   Implied covenants with Council

   50   Implied covenants binding on occupier of land

   51   Receipts for advances

   52   Offences

   53   Expenses

   54   Receipts in the form in First Schedule to be in duplicate

   55   Exemption from fees and stamp duty

   56   Council may direct that loan or instalment thereof be made by supplying borrower with building materials

   57   Moneys owing to Council shall be paid to Collector of Taxes of parish


Miscellaneous Provisions

   58   Chief Technical Director may take over water works

   59   Minister may make arrangements for charge and administration of water works

   60   Transfer of powers to Chief Technical Director

   61   Re-transfer of water works

   62   Legal proceedings

   63   Chief Technical Director exempt from personal responsibility




[Date of Commencement: 28th November, 1889]

Cap 270.

36 of 1957,
68 of 1958,
17 of 1959,
27 of 1959,
34 of 1959.

16 of 1972,
49 of 1974,
26 of 1980,
40 of 1995.


1   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Parishes Water Supply Act.

Public Water Supply

2   Places where this Part is in force

   This Part shall not apply to or be in force in the parishes of Kingston and St. Andrew.

[26/1980 s 12.]

3   Interpretation

   In this Act-

   "district'' means a district defined under any of the Public Water Supply Laws 1873-1888, (now repealed) or defined under this Act;

   "house" means any dwelling-house, shop, store, wharf, ware-house, office or place of business;

   "Minister" means the Minister responsible for domestic water supplies;

   "person in possession of property" includes the owner, occupier, mortgagee in possession, or other person in actual possession of such property;

   "property" means any property shown on the Valuation Roll made and settled, or from time to time duly altered and amended under the authority of the Valuation Act;

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