1   Short title

   2   Interpretation


Jurisdiction of Parish Councils

   3   Power to make rules for Parish Councils

   4   Extent of jurisdiction of Parish Council


Appointment and Duties of Superintendent of Parochial Roads and Works

   5   Superintendent of Parochial Roads and Works his appointment

   6   His status and duties

   7   Power to pay small accounts on certificates of Assistant Superintendents or persons appointed by the Council

   8   Power to pay instalments on account of contracts on similar certificates

   9   Duty of Superintendent of Parochial Roads and Works not affected by this Act

   10   Power to make by-laws

      Appointments of Waywardens and Assistant Superintendents

   11   Appointment, removal and qualification of Waywardens

   12   As to pay of Waywarden

   13   Appointment and salary of Assistant Superintendents


Duties and Powers of Parish Councils

   14   Powers of Parish Councils

   15   Boundaries of parochial bridle road

   16   Maintenance of parochial roads and bridges

   17   Powers of Parish Councils to contract as to repairs of roads

   18   Mile marks and guide posts

   19   As to lowering the classification of parochial roads of general thoroughfare into other parishes

   20   As to complaints of neglect of any such road

   21   As to laying out, altering, or discontinuing a road

   22   Preliminary notices, how, and on whom to be served

   23   As to authorising a surveyor to enter lands, and make surveys for roads

   24   As to appointing a committee to hear and report on application

   25   Owner, etc, to deliver statement of title, and any claim to compensation

   26   Contracts as to compensation and title

   27   How title and compensation to be ascertained when no contract made

   28   Allowance where old road and alteration pass through land of same owner

   29   When road or alteration may be commenced

   30   Deposit in Treasury, how kept

   31   As to objections from adjacent parishes to any new road, or alteration or discontinuance of a road

   32   Copy of proceedings to be recorded in Record Office

   33   Expenses, how borne, and deposited

   34   Fees of Resident Magistrate's Court and of Deputy Keeper of Records

   35   Powers of the Parish Councils as to altering roads or laying out new roads

   36   Private roads, as to proceedings for, and expenses of same

   37   Use and maintenance of private road

   38   Discontinuance of parochial roads

   39   As to highways now in use, how altered or discontinued

   40   Private roads not to be taken over by the Councils until completed

   41   Notice required before fencing or building along the boundary of road

   42   Consent of Superintendent to erection of fence or building to be reported to the Council

   43   Width of roads

   44   Width of streets and lanes in towns

   45   Power to widen existing road

   46   When road may be laid out or altered

   47   Power to grant permission to construct or lay down work across, above, or under parochial roads

   48   Power to temporarily divert the traffic of a parochial road

   49   Power to throw upon adjoining land any earth, fallen upon any road, from landslip or otherwise

   50   How compensation to be ascertained



   51   Encroachments defined

   52   Notice to remove encroachments

   53   Power for removal of encroachments by direction of Parish Council


Obstructions in Roads and Streams

   54   As to case of tree falling upon a highway

   55   As to trespasser cutting a tree so as to fall on highway, etc

   56   As to cutting tree so as to obstruct highway or watercourse

   57   Who to trim trees and fences near highway

   58   Penalty for wanton injury to bridge or highway



   59   Powers of Parish Councils in relation to roads

   60   Penalty for unlawfully removing materials for repairs

   61   Offences in laying down or repairing pipes in thoroughfare



   62   Offences

   63   Acts and things prohibited to be done at or near the boundaries of parochial roads


Power to Destroy or Impound Stock

   64   [Repealed by Act 27 of 1979 s 14.]

   65   Destruction of swine or goats on parochial roads


Lights on Carriages in Use on Roads

   66   Lamps and lights on road during specified period



   67   No stamp duty

   68   Penalties how recovered

   69   Powers of summary arrest

   70   Commencement of prosecutions

   71   Use of the forms

   72   Saving Clause




[Date of Commencement: 11th February, 1932]

Cap 277.

44 of 1953,
35 of 1956.

42 of 1969,
27 of 1979,
13 of 1985.

1   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Parochial Roads Act.

2   Interpretation

   (1) In this Act-

   "Parish Council" or "Council" means the Parish Council of each parish and shall include, with reference to the parishes of Kingston and St. Andrew, the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation constituted under the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation Act;

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