1   Short title

   2   Interpretation



   3   Extension of Act to keepers of certain shops

   4   Executors, etc, of pawnbrokers

   5   Agents, servants, apprentices, etc

   6   Assigns, executors, etc, of pawners

   7   Application of Act in respect of loans


General Obligations of Pawnbroker

   8   Pawnbrokers to keep books, etc

   9   Pawnbrokers to keep names over doors, and tables of rates, etc, exhibited


Pawning, Redemption and Sale

   10   Pawn tickets to be given to pawners

   11   Profit and charges allowed

   12   Pledges redeemable for one year

   13   Pledges for $1.00 or under not redeemed

   14   Pledges above $1.00 redeemable until sale

   15   Sale by auction of pledges above $1.00

   16   Offences by auctioneers

   17   Power to inspect sale book

   18   Pawnbroker to account for surplus within three years

   19   Offences as to pledges for above $1.00


Special Contracts

   20   Power to make special contracts, subject to restrictions


Delivery up of Pledge

   21   Holder of pawn-ticket entitled to redeem

   22   Production of pawn-ticket on redemption

   23   Liability of pawnbroker in case of fire

   24   Compensation or depreciation of pledge

   25   Protection of owners and of pawners not having pawn-tickets

   26   Delivery to owner of property unlawfully pawned

   27   Summary order for delivery of pledge to person entitled


General Restrictions on Pawnbroker

   28   Prohibition of purchasing pledges, taking pledges from children, etc


Unlawful Pawning and Taking in Pawn

   29   Unlawful pawning of goods not property of pawner

   30   Proceedings where persons offering articles in pawn do not give a good account of themselves, etc

   31   Prohibition of taking in pawn linen, clothing, unfinished goods, etc

   32   Search warrant for linen, etc, unlawfully pawned



   33   Yearly licence and excise duty

   34   Cesser of licence on conviction

   35   Licence not to be granted without certificate

   36   Certificates to be granted by Resident Magistrate

   37   Form and duration of certificate.

   38   Notice of first application

   39   Grounds of refusal of certificate

   40   Forged certificate


Penalties and Legal Proceedings

   41   Penalties, how recoverable

   42   General penalty for offences

   43   Application of penalties

   44   Amends for frivolous informations

   45   Penalty on common informers compounding information

   46   Detention of persons offering forged pawn-tickets, etc

   47   Production of books, etc, before Resident Magistrate

   48   Contracts not void on account of offences




[Date of Commencement: 17th August, 1902]

Cap 284.

LN 382/1970.

1   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Pawnbrokers Act.

2   Interpretation

   In this Act-

<IN:LF:0.5,RT:0,FI:-0.5>   "pawnbroker" includes every person who carries on the business of taking goods and chattels in pawn;

   "pledge" means an article pawned with a pawnbroker,

<IN:LF:0.5,RT:0,FI:-0.5>   "pawner" means a person delivering an article or pawn to a pawnbroker;

   "shop" includes a dwelling-house and warehouse or other place of business, or place where business is transacted,

   "unfinished goods or materials" includes any goods of any manufacture or of any part or branch of any manufacture, either mixed or separate, or any materials whatever plainly intended for the composing or manufacturing of any goods, after such goods or materials are put into a state or course of manufacture, or into a state for any process or operation to be performed thereupon or therewith, and before the same are completed or finished for the purpose of wear or consumption.

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