1   Short title

   2   Interpretation

   3   Orders and notices


Control of Plant Pests

   4   Prohibited goods and places

   5   Chief Plant Quarantine Officer

   6   Chief Plant Quarantine Officer to certify notifiable plant pest

   7   Owner or occupier of land to give notice of notifiable plant pest

   8   Owner, etc, of land liable for expenses incurred



   9   When carrier subject to quarantine

   10   Articles subject to quarantine

   11   Order of carrier of goods into quarantine

   12   When carrier deemed to, be in quarantine

   13   Cleansing and disinfecting of carrier

   14   Goods not to be removed

   15   Release from quarantine

   16   Performance of quarantine re articles

   17   Articles in quarantine to be treated and disinfected

   18   Plants to be landed at declared ports

   19   Examination of imported plants

   20   Quarantine control of imported plants

   21   Penalty for unauthorised landing of plants, etc

   22   Power to order articles into quarantine

   23   Performance of quarantine

   24   Power to destroy diseased plants

   25   Plant quarantine expenses

   26   Penalty for importing, etc

   27   Seizure of plants, etc, unlawfully imported, etc

   28   Seizure of plants, articles, etc

   29   Powers of inspection

   30   Popover to affix notices

   31   Trespassing on quarantine stations

   32   Offences as to documents

   33   Bribing, assaulting, or intimidating officers

   34   Offence By Quarantine Officers

   35   Offences of impersonating Quarantine Officer

   36   Master of ship misleading Quarantine Officer

   37   Penalty in cases not specially provided for

   38   Regulations

   39   Offences

   40   Sufficiency of certificate of Chief Plant Quarantine Officer at trial

   41   Informality in any order, etc

   42   Ministerial directions for measures to eliminate and control plant pests

   43   Land entered may be fenced and expenses paid out of the Consolidated Fund




[Date of Commencement: 14th September, 1994]

Act 25 of 1993.


1   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Plants (Quarantine) Act.

2   Interpretation

   In this Act-

   "authorised person" means any person who has been given authority by the Chief Plant Quarantine Officer to perform the duties of inspection;

   "carrier" includes any vehicle, ship or aircraft or any other means of transport by which plants, pests, articles or soil are moved from one place to another,

   "inspection" means examination by an authorised person of plants, articles or soil for the purpose of detecting pests; and includes the removal of such plants, articles or soil or a sample thereof to a quarantine station or laboratory where facilities for such examination exist;

   "in transit" means taken or sent into Jamaica from outside, and consigned to a destination outside, involving a transfer from one carrier to another;

   "notifiable plant pest" means any plant pest declared by the Minister under section 3 by notice published in the Gazette to be a notifiable plant pest;

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