1   Short title

   2   Inclusion of Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation

   3   Interpretation


Board of Supervision

   4   Board of Supervision established

   5   Members of Board to derive no emolument

      Their expenses to be paid

   6   Secretary to the Board

   7   Meetings of the Board

   8   Board may name committee

   9   Power of Board to make rules

   10   Powers and duties of the Board of Supervision

   11   Board to record its proceedings, and make annual reports

   12   Powers of the Board of Supervision to require returns

   13   Board may authorise special enquiries to be made

   14   Penalties on parties refusing to obey summons of the Board

   15   Members of Board of Supervision may attend meetings of Parish Council

   16   Payment of salaries and expenses


Parish Councils

   17   Parish Councils to be managers of the poor in parishes

      Appointment of Poor Relief Committee.

   18   Parish Council to meet and make up roll of the poor, and fix remuneration of Inspector of the Poor

   19   Appointment of poor relief officers

   20   Duties of Inspector of the Poor

   21   Investigations by Parish Councils and the Board of Supervision

   22   Reference of disputes and questions between parishes, etc



   23   Parishes may unite for the purpose of building alehouses

   24   Plans for almshouses to be approved by Board of Supervision

   25   Parish Councils to frame rules for regulations of almshouses. Master and Matron

   26   Poor persons from other parishes may be received into almshouses


Medical Attendance

   27   Medical attendance in almshouses

   28   Medical relief, clothing and education. Duties of Medical Officers.



   29   Persons entitled to relief

   30   Destitute persons to be relieved

   31   Application for parochial relief on behalf of certain persons

   32   Starving poor

   33   Proceeding when relief refused by Parish Council, or amount of relief considered inadequate

   34   Certificate of refusal of relief

   35   Duty of Inspector with respect to the Affiliation and Maintenance Acts

   36   Enforcement of order of the Board of Supervision

   37   Suspension of powers of Parish Councils

   38   Form and manner of giving notices

   39   Expenditure in excess of estimates




[Date of Commencement: 29th April, 1886]

Cap 299.

Law 15 of 1959.

11 of 1964,
42 of 1969,
28 of 1973.

1   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Poor Relief Act.

2   Inclusion of Kingston and St Andrew Corporation

   All references in this Act to the Parish Council shall, in the cases of the parishes of Kingston and Saint Andrew, be deemed to refer to and to include the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation, appointed and constituted under the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation Act.

3   Interpretation

   In this Act-

   "Inspector" means the Inspector of the Poor appointed under this Act.

Board of Supervision

4   Board of Supervision established

   (1) A Board of Supervision which shall be styled "The Board of Supervision for the Relief of the Poor in Jamaica" shall be and is hereby established for the purposes of this Act. The said Board shall consist of nine members, only three of whom shall be persons holding any office of emolument under the Governments all of whom it shall be lawful for the Minister by minute to appoint or remove. The Minister may supply any vacancy which may occur in the said Board by resignation, removal, death or otherwise, of the said members or any of them, and may also from time to time appoint some person to be a member of the Board during the absence from the Island, illness or other incapacity of any member.

   The Board shall elect its own Chairman and may sit from time to time and at such places as it may deem expedient:

   Provided always that the Mayor or a councillor of the Council of the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation, or a councillor of any Parish Council shall not be eligible for election as Chairman although a member of the Board of Supervision, nor shall any such person sit as a member of the Board of Supervision on any investigation of a come plaint referred to that Board by or against the Corporation or Parish Council of which that person is a member.

   Four members of the Board of Supervision shall form a quorum.

   In the absence of the Chairman the members present at any meeting shall elect one of their number to preside thereat.

   The Chairman or other presiding member shall have an original and, in the event of an equality of votes, a casting vote.

   (2) Notwithstanding any temporary vacancy or vacancies in the body of members composing the Board the same shall be deemed to be fully constituted for the purposes of this Act

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