1   Short title

   2   Definitions

   3   [Deleted by Act 39 of 1999 s 3.]

   4   Execution of deeds in Commonwealth countries

   5   Execution of deeds in foreign states

   6   Deeds executed outside the Island may be proved or acknowledged before

      Notary Public

   7   As to deeds so proved or acknowledged before April, 1886

   8   Declaration in lieu of oath

   9   Deeds executed in this Island

   10   Amendment retrospective

   11   A deed may be executed in any place

   12   One witness sufficient to prove execution of deed

   13   Deed proved previous to 1863

   14   Deed requiring probate before 1863



[Date of Commencement: 1863]

Cap 308.

Law 15 of 1962.

Act 39 of 1999.

1   Short title

{akeebasubs !jamaica law}



   This Act may be cited as the Probate of Deeds Act.

2   Definitions

   In this Act-

   "deed" includes power or letter of attorney;

   "Diplomatic officer" means an Ambassador, High Commissioner, Envoy, Minister, Chargé d'Affaires, Secretary of Embassy or Legation, Consul-General, Consul, Vice-Consul, Acting Consul or Consular Agent.

[39/1999 s 2(b).]

   "Mayor"... [Deleted by Act 39 of 1999 s 2(a).]

3   [Deleted by Act 39 of 1999 s 3.]

4   Execution of deeds in Commonwealth countries

   All deeds executed in any Commonwealth country shall be proved on the oath or affirmation of the subscribing witnesses, or be acknowledged by the parties before-

   (a)   any person having authority to attest to such documents in that country; or

   (b)   any Jamaican diplomatic officer exercising his functions in that country,

and certified under the hand and official seal of such person or diplomatic officer, as the case may be, or, if there is no such official seal, certified under the hand and seal of such person or diplomatic officer and stating that no such official seal exists.

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