1   Short title

   2   Definition of quit rents

   3   Quarterly transmission to Commissioner of Inland Revenue of dockets of deeds and patents entered in Record Office

   4   Alphabetical roll of taxpayers

   5   Evidence

   6   Land in respect of which quit rents in arrear for five years may be proceeded against as forfeited

   7   Forfeiture notwithstanding part payment of quit rents

   8   Proceedings exempt from stamps

   9   Portions of estate or property as separate holdings

   10   Where quit rents in arrear for five years Collector not to receive same except from owner or his representative

   11   Quit rents unpaid for ten years irrecoverable

   12   Mode of commencing proceedings for forfeiture

   13   Practice of High Court

   14   Service of writ

   15   Appearance by person asserting title

   16   Affidavits of service

   17   Issues raised by writ

   18   No pleading to writ. Appearance within twenty days. Setting down case for trial. Appearance how entered. Notice of trial

   19   Evidence at trial

   20   Acreage, how proved

   21   Verdict of jury and duty of Clerk thereon

   22   Procedure on no, appearance to writ as to the whole or a portion

   23   Entry of judgment after verdict

   24   Effect of interlocutory judgment and proceedings thereon

   25   Final judgment not to be made until possession obtained under interlocutory judgment

   26   Persons dispossessed under interlocutory judgment which is reversed on a new trial

   27   Proclamation of Interlocutory judgment

   28   Application for new trial

   29   Applicant for new trial to give prima facie evidence of title.

   30   Payment of quit rents and effect thereof

   31   Effect of appearing to writ

   32   Issues to be tried before jury in Circuit Court

   33   Amount payable to Parish Council on sale after final judgment

   34   Rules and forms

   35   Quit rents appropriated to Consolidated Fund




[Date of Commencement: 11th April, 1896]

Cap 331.

Act 12 of 1985.

1   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Quit Rents Act.

2   Definition of quit rents

   In this Act the term "quit rents" means a quit rent of five-sixths of a cent for each acre and for each fraction of an acre granted and paid as a certain established quit rent and acknowledged to Her Majesty by all persons who hold land within the Island on which the quit rents have not been redeemed

3   Quarterly transmission to Commissioner of Inland Revenue of dockets of deeds and patents entered in Record

   The Deputy Keeper of the Records shall, at the expiration of each quarter of every year, transmit, or cause to be transmitted, to the Commissioner of Inland Revenue a docket of every deed or patent of land which shall have been brought into his office to be recorded during the last preceding quarter, setting forth therein the name of the purchasers or patentees, grantor or grantors, the name of the parish, the quantity of land, and the boundaries thereof, to the intent that the Commissioner of Inland Revenue may know from whom the quit rents thereon shall thereafter be due and payable, in the form in the First Schedule, and such dockets shall be numbered from the commencement of each quarter in arithmetical succession and the Deputy Keeper of the Records shall be entitled to receive, from the party bringing any such deed to be recorded, the sum of fifteen cents.

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