1   Short title

   2   Interpretation


Appointment of Record Officers

   3   Keeper of the Records

   4   Appointment of Deputy Keeper of the Records and substitutes

   5   Appointment of Assistant Deputy Keeper of the Records

   6   Duties of Deputy Keeper

   7   Appointment and duties of other Officers


Establishment of Record Office

   8   Record Office to be established

   9   Powers to provide office

   10   Branch Offices

   11   Seal of the Record Office


Rules of Record Office

   12   Rules


Custody of Public Records

   13   Records of Island Secretary's office

   14   Records of Superior Courts. And Wills

   15   Custody of other records

   16   Removal of records

      Not to affect validity of records removed

   17   Validation of certain records

   18   Power to make transcripts of any old register books or index

   19   Examination of register book before it is transcribed

   20   Certifying of transcripts

   21   Duty of Deputy Keeper of the Records as to all transcripts

   22   Transcripts so verified declared valid records

   23   Records certified under section 28 of this Act, declared valid records

   24   Provisions as to certifying any copy of a record not being a valid record

   25   Duties of the Deputy Keeper of the Records as to register books filled up since 1879

      His duties as to register books hereafter to be filled up


Business of Record Office

   26   Pre-requisites for recording deeds, etc

   27   Duty of officers and process of registration of deeds, receipts, etc

   28   Examination and certifying of records

   29   Procedure when deed or writing is not duly stamped

   30   Discharge to Deputy Keeper in respect of the custody of the unstamped record

   31   Keeping of indices

   32   Return of original deeds and writings after record

   33   Searches in Record Office

   34   Taking copies of records

   35   As to procuring office copies

   36   Office copies of records, how far evidence

   37   Office copies of part only of recorded deed, etc

   38   Record of dockets instead of deeds at length

   39   Effect of recording a docket

   40   Records specified in Second Schedule, validated

   41   Authentication of Liber 41 of Wills

      Validation thereof



   42   Expenses of carrying out this Act, how paid

   43   Fees

   44   Deputy Keeper to report annually to the Minister

   45   Recovery of penalties




[Date of Commencement: 1st February, 1879]

Cap 335.

Law 52 of 1955.

Act 42 of 1969.

1   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Record Office Act

2   Interpretation

   In this Act-

   "public records" includes all rolls, writs, books, proceedings, Statutes, decrees, wills, warrants, accounts, papers and documents of any kinds of a public nature, deposited in any of the offices in this Act mentioned;

   "registered deeds and writings" includes all deeds, wills, conveyances, charters, bonds, bills of sales, patents, certificates, letters patent, specifications, petitions, declarations, disclaimers, memoranda, powers of attorney, crop and other accounts, inventories, maps, plats and all other instruments and writings whatever, recorded in the Island Secretary's Office before the commencement of this Act, or in the Record Office after the commencement of this Act;

   "registers" includes all records and enrolments of registered deeds and writings in the Island Record Office;

   "record" includes both Public Records and registered deeds and writings, as defined by this section, and also transcripts of the same contained in any registered book;

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