1   Short title

   2   Interpretation

   3   Entries in register admissible


The Registrar-General

   4   Appointments of Registrar-General and of General Register Office

   5   Appointment of clerks, etc

   6   Payment of salaries, etc

   7   Assistant to the Registrar-General

   8   Power to make regulations for the government of office, etc

   9   Fees of Registrar-General to be paid into Treasury

   10   Publication of acts required to be done in registering births and deaths


Registration of Births

   11   Whose duty it is to inform Registrar of Birth

   12   Birth in public institution or private hospital

   13   Power of Registrar to require persons to attend

   14   Whose duty it is to inform as to birth of a new-born child found exposed

   15   Midwife to notify Registrar of birth

   16   Duty of Registrar as to births and registering same

   17   Registration of a birth

   18   How a person who has removed from the proper district may give information

   19   Child of unmarried mother

      Father's particulars

   19B   Procedure where father named under section 19(1)(d)

   20   Registry of name or altered name of child given since first registration

   21   Registrar's certificate of registration. Fee therefor


Registration of Deaths

   22   Death and cause of death to be registered

   23   Information and registry of any death in a house

   24   Information of any death or of any body found elsewhere than in a house

   25   Extension of time if written notice, etc, sent

   26   Powers of Registrar to require persons to attend

   27   Duty of Registrar as to deaths and registering them

   28   Certificate of death for friendly society

   29   Registration of a death after twelve months

   30   Coroner to certify as to inquest and finding, registration thereon

   31   Registration of still-births

   32   Registrar's certificate and order for burial

   33   Burial of still-born child

   34   As to burial of two bodies in one coffin


Certificate of cause of Death

   35   As in certificate of cause of death

   36   As to uncertified deaths


Births or Deaths on Ships in Coastal Waters

   37   Report of births and deaths on board ships or coasting vessels



   38   Registrar's districts; their formation and alteration

   39   Appointment, etc, of Registrars

   40   Appointment and duties, etc, of deputies of Registrars

   41   Registrar to reside or have his office within his district

   42   Registrar to furnish certified returns as required

   43   Register books and forms to be provided

   44   How births and deaths to be registered

   45   Transmission monthly of registration forms as filled up

   46   Custody of registration form book by District Registrars

   47   Registration form books to be examined by the Registrar-General

   48   Examination and custody thereof, by Registrar-General

   49   Constitution of general register of births and deaths

   50   Transfer of books, etc, to successor in office of Registrar


Correction of Errors

   51   How errors to be corrected

   52   Re-registration of birth of legitimated persons



   53   Registrar-General to report annually to the Minister



   54   Indices to registers in General Register Office. Searching and office copies


Certified Copies

   55   Certified copy of entry in registers


Periodical Accounts

   56   Registrar to forward account to Registrar-General


Seal of Office

   57   Seal of office; its use



   58   How far certified copies evidence


Exemption from Stamp Duty

   59   Exemption from stamp duty



   60   Expenses of carrying out this Act


Civil Status Records

   61   Registrar-General to keep civil status registers

   62   Existing Registers in Record Office to be transferred to the Registrar-General

   63   Entries in registers, how far evidence


Omission to Register and Offences in respect of False Statements

   64   Refusal or omission to register, or losing or injuring register books

   65   Omissions to give information or certificate required by this Act

   66   False certificates and documents

   67   Accidental or unavoidable failures to comply with Act

   68   Penalties, in what Courts, and how recoverable and applicable

      Minister may amend monetary penalties

   69   Prosecution by Registrar

   70   Time limit of prosecution on indictment



   71   Forms in First Schedule incorporated

   72   Powers to alter forms, and make and alter regulations

      Penalties in regulations

   73   Power to alter appointed fees




[Date of Commencement: 31st March, 1881]

Cap 337.

32 of 1969,
42 of 1969,
36 of 1976,
17 of 1980,
6 of 1982,
7 of 2011.


Preliminary (sections 1-3)

1   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Registration (Births and Deaths) Act.

2   Interpretation

   In this Act-

   "appointed fee" means the fees appointed in the Second Schedule;

   "civil status registers" means and includes all registers containing records or transcripts of records relating to births, baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials;

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