1   Short title

   2   Interpretation

   3   Ship's tonnage

   4   Application of Act

   5   Application for foreign non-commercial ships


Shipping Administration

   6   Establishment of Authority

   7   Principal objects of Authority

   8   Functions of Authority

   9   Minister's directions to Authority

   10   Appointment of Director of Marine Services

   11   Appointment of other officers and employees

   12   Appointment of Surveyors

   13   Delegation of Power by Director

   14   Minister may delegate certain powers and duties


Restriction on Trading

   15   Trade in Jamaican waters


Registration and Licensing of Ships and Proprietary Interests in Ships

Rights and privileges of Jamaican Ships

   16   Entitlement to right and privileges of Jamaican Ships

   17   Obligation to register Jamaican Ships

   18   Additional provisions for bareboat charter registration

   19   Jamaican ships bareboat chartered-out


Registration of Jamaican ships

   20   Qualifications for owning a Jamaican ship

      Requirements for managing owner or agent

   21   Application for registration

   22   Declaration of ownership

   23   Evidence on first registration

   24   Restriction on registration


   24B   Entries in registers

   24C   Certain restrictions on registration

   25   Register and effect of registration

   26   Documents to be retained by the Registrar

   27   Registration of managing owner, etc

   28   Refusal of registration

   29   Cancellation of registration

   30   Restriction on deregistration of ships

   31   Certificate of deregistration

   32   Port of Registry


Name of Ships


   33   Name of ship

   34   Change of name of ship

   35   Identity marks for fishing vessels

   36   Call sign


Certificate of Registry


   37   Certificate of Registry

   38   Power to make regulations in relation to Certificate of Registry

   39   Custody and delivery of Certificate of Registry

   40   Improper use of Certificate of Registry

   41   Provisional Certificate of Registry

   42   Temporary pass in lieu of Certificate of Registry


Tonnage measurement


   43   Survey

   44   Tonnage regulations

   45   Marking of ships

   46   Tonnage once ascertained to be tonnage of ship

   47   Tonnage of foreign ships

   48   Foreign and other measurements


Registration of Alteration of Registration Anew


   49   Registration of alterations

   50   Rules of registration of alteration

   51   Provisional Certificate where ship registered a new

   52   Registration anew on change of ownership

   53   Procedure for registration anew

   54   Restriction on re-registration of abandon ships


Licensing of Small Vessels


   55   Ships to be licensed

   56   Operation of licensed ship

   57   Maximum owners of licensed Jamaican Ship

   58   Registration on change of ownership

   59   Regulations for licensing of ships


Special Provisions for Cruising Craft


   60   Cruising Craft


Transfers and Transmissions


   61   Reference to ship include share

   62   Transfer of ship or share

   63   Declaration of transfer

   64   Registration of transfer

   65   Transmission of property in ship on bankruptcy, death, etc

   66   Order for sale on transmission to an unqualified person

   67   Transfer of ship or share by officer of the Court

   68   Power of Court to prohibit transfer




   69   Mortgages of ship

   70   Protection of discharged mortgages

   71   Obligation of mortgagor to disclose existing liabilities

   72   Entry of discharge of mortgage

   73   Priority of mortgages

   74   Mortgagee not treated as owner

   75   Mortgagee to have power of disposal

   76   Mortgage not affected by bankruptcy

   77   Transfer of mortgages

   78   Transmission of interest in mortgage in certain circumstances


Maritime Liens


   79   Meaning of forced sale

   80   Sources of maritime liens

   81   Claims not recognised as maritime liens

   82   Priority of maritime liens in general

   83   Order of priority of maritime liens

   84   Rights of ship-builders and ship repairers

      Priority of registered mortgages

   85   Attachment of maritime liens, etc

   86   Extinction of lien not to affect other claims

   87   Assignment and subrogation

   88   Notice of sale to be given

   89   Effect of forced sale and disposition of proceeds of sale

   90   Issue of certificate that the ship is free of encumbrance




   91   Provision for cases of infancy and disability

   92   Equitable interest

   93   Rights of registered owner

   94   Liability of owners

   95   Dispensing with declarations and evidence

   96   Mode of making declarations

   97    Inspection of register

   98   Admissibility in evidence of register and Certificate of Registry

   99   Forgery of documents

   100   False declarations

   101   Failure to produce certificate or licence


Taxation and other Concessions


   101B   Application for exempt status

   101C   Declaration of exempted ship

   101D   Eligibility for benefits

   101E   Termination of benefits

   101F   Exemption from income tax

   101G   Exemption from transfer tax

   101H   Exemption from other taxes, duties and fees

   101I   Validity of crew agreement of an exempted ship

   101J   Special provisions for expediting registration


National Character and Flag

   102   National character of ship to be declared on clearance

   103   Right to fly the flag of Jamaica

   104   National colours

   105   Showing of national colours

   106   Penalty for unduly assuming Jamaican character

   107   National flag on foreign ship

   108   Penalty for concealing Jamaican character or assuming foreign character

   109   [Repealed by Act 15 of 2000 s 23.]

   110   Liabilities of ship not recognised as a Jamaican ship


Manning and Certification

   111   Interpretation

   112   Scheme of regulations

   113   Regulations regarding manning and qualifications of persons serving in Jamaican ships

   114   Offences


Engagement and Welfare of Seamen Engagement of Seamen

   115   Functions of Registrar of Seamen

   116   Crew agreement

   117   Contents of crew agreements

   118   Regulations for disciplinary offences

   119   Conduct both disciplinary offence and criminal offence under this Act

   120   Procedures relating to certain crew agreements

   121   Further provisions as to crew agreement

   122   Terms not to be contrary to law of flag state

   123   Seaman's certificate of discharge

   124   Character report

   125   Offences

   126   Discharge on change of ship's registry

   127   Employment of children; persons under eighteen years

   128   Changes in crew of certain ships

   129   Change of master

   130   Regulations for conditions of service

   131   Use of English language

   132   Crew's knowledge of English




   133   Time and manner of payment of wages

   134   Account of wages

   135   Deductions from wages

   136   Settlement of wages

   137   Registrar's decision as to wages

   138   Registrar may require ship's documents

   139   Reimbursement of Registrar

   140   Rate of exchange

   141   Registrar may settle wage disputes

   142   Court may award interest on wages due where there is no crew agreement

   143   Allotment notes

   144   Wages where service terminated.

   145   Protection of seaman's rights and remedies

   146   Claims against seaman's wages for maintenance

   147   Master's remedies for remuneration and disbursements

   148   Wages not to depend on freight

   149   Refusal to work

   150   Illness caused by own default

   151   Cost of procuring conviction

   152   Improper discharge

   153   Protection of wages

   154   Leave and holidays

   155   Jurisdiction of Supreme Court in the recovery of wages

   156   Power to rescind contracts


Property of Deceased Seamen


   157   Property of deceased seaman

   158   Delivery of deceased seaman's property

   159   Forgery of documents


Occupational Safety


   160   Occupational safety regulations




   161   Provisions and water

   162   Complaints as to provisions and water

   163   Allowance for short or bad provisions

   164   Weights and measures

   165   Regulations regarding provisions

   166   Regards to International treaty


Health and Welfare


   167   Medical fitness regulations

   168   Crew accommodation regulations

   169   Certified cook to be carried

   170   Medical stores regulations

   171   Expenses for medical treatment and burial

   172   Medical practitioners to be carried

   173   Welfare Board for seamen's welfare

   174   Facilities for making complaints


Protection of Seamen from Imposition


   175   Assignment and sale of salvage

   176   Seaman's debt


Provisions as to Discipline


   177   Endangering life or ship

   178   General offences against discipline

   179   Conviction not to affect other remedies

   180   Improper negotiations of advance note

   181   Certificate of discharge may be withheld

   182   False statement as to last ship

   183   Deserters from foreign ships

   184   Proof of desertion when wages are to be forfeited

   185   Application of forfeiture

   186   Question of forfeiture decided in suit for wages

   187   Deduction of fine from wages

   188   Persuading seaman to desert and harbouring a deserter

   189   Penalty on stowaways

   190   Trade disputes involving seamen

   191   Unauthorised presence on board ship

   192   Offences to be entered in official book


Relief and repatriation of seamen


   193   Proper return port

   194   Repatriation of seamen

   195   Seaman to bear expense of repatriation in certain cases

   196   Guarantee for dispute of seaman

   197   Effect of workman's compensation

   198   Application to foreign ship

   199   Wages and effects of seamen left behind

   200   Sale of seaman's effects

   201   Liability of master

   202   Limitation of liability of Government

   203   Payment to Government

   204   Non-application of section 208

   205   Maintenance and return of seaman involuntarily terminating service

   206   Certificate when seaman left behind

   207   Offences

   208   Account of wages of seaman left behind

   209   Payment of seaman's wages to proper officer

   210   Application of wages of seaman left behind

   211   Relief of distressed seamen

   212   Repayment of relief and repatriation expenses

   213   Forcing ashore

   214   Manner of return

   215   Settlement of question regarding return of seaman to proper return port

   216   Minister may provide temporary relief


Official Log Book and Ordinary Ship's Log

   217   Official log book

   218   Entries in official log book

   219   Delivery of official log book where ship is transferred, lost or abandoned

   220   Offences in respect of official log book

   221   Ordinary ship's log

   222   Returns of crew lists

   223   Register of young persons

   224   Returns of births and deaths in Jamaican ships

   225   Returns of births and deaths of Jamaican citizen in foreign ships

   226   Returns to be sent to Registrar of Births and Deaths - penalties on master



   227   Intepretation


Prevention of Collisions and Safety of Navigation


   228   Collision regulations

   229   Jamaican ships to observe Collision Regulations

   230   Foreign ships in Jamaican waters

   231   Collision liability

   232   Inspection to enforce compliance with Collision Regulations

   233   Duty to render assistance following collision

   234   Obligation to notify hazards of navigation

   235   Master to proceed moderately in danger in area

   236   Obligation to assist vessels, etc, distress

   237   Right to requisition ships when in distress

   238   Release from obligation to assist

   239   Obligations to assist persons in danger at sea

   240   Salvage rights not affected

   241   Improper use of signals of distress

   242   Report of accidents of ships

   243   Loss of ship


Safety to Life at Sea


   244   Application of safety provisions

   245   Regulations relating to safety at sea

   246   Ships in port through stress of weather, etc


Surveys and Certification


   247   Surveyor's liability

   248   Surveyor to name Inspector's powers, etc

   249   Survey requirements for passenger ships

   250   Regulations for cargo ship safety construction requirements and surveys

   251   Survey requirements for the safety equipment of cargo ships

   252   Survey requirements for the radio installations of cargo ship

   253   Survey requirements for the structure, machinery and equipment of cargo ships

   254   Responsibilities of owner and master and compliance with ISM Code

   255   Procedure to be adopted when the ship, including its structure, not corresponding to certificates

   256   Issue of certificates to Jamaican ship engaged on international or short international voyage

   257   Issue of certificates to Jamaican ships not engaged on international voyages

   258   Form of certificate

   259   Duration and validity of certificates

   260   Issue and duration of exemption certificates

   261   Extension and other provisions


Load Lines


   262   Load Line regulations

   263   Ships not to proceed to sea unless complying with Load Line

   264   Alteration or defacement of Load Line marks

   265   Submersion of Load Line

   266   Submersion of Load Lines of foreign ships

   267   Exemption certificate

   268   International Local Load Line Certificates

   269   Effect of Load Line Certificates

   270   Duration, renewal and cancellation of Load Line Certificate

   271   Production of Load Line Certificates of Jamaican ships

   272   Production of Load Line Certificates of foreign ships

   273   Deck cargo regulations

   274   Notice to be given of alterations affecting position of ship's Load Line

   275   Inspection of ships regarding Load Line

   276   Contravention of Load Line Regulations and detention of ship

   277   Posting of Load Line Certificate and entry of Load Line details in ship's log book




   278   Power to make Exemption Orders

   279   Further powers to exempt ship of novel design

   280   Extent of exemption

   281   Issue of Exemption Certificate

   282   Duration and extension of exemption

   283   Penalty of non-compliance with conditions of exemption Certificates


Carriage of bulk Cargoes


   284   Interpretation

   285   Bulk cargo regulations

   286   Precautions regarding grain cargoes

   287   Offences


Dangerous Goods


   288   Interpretation

   289   Regulations as to dangerous goods

   290   Carriage and marking of dangerous goods

   291   Offences

   292   Rejection and disposal of dangerous goods by ship


Seaworthiness of Ships


   293   Unseaworthy ship

   294   Sending unseaworthy ship to sea an offence

   295   Owner's obligation to crew regarding seaworthiness

   296   Detention of unseaworthy ship

   297   Powers of Inspectors detention

   298   Liability for costs and damages

   299   Power to require complainant to give security for costs

   300   Allegation of Unseaworthiness by seaman charged with desertion

   301   Further provisions concerning surveys

   302   Costs of survey




   303   Ships to carry stability information

   304   Requirement to maintain condition of ship

   305   Notice of accident, defect or alterations affecting the efficiency or seaworthiness of the ship

   306   Re-survey of a ship following alterations or damages

   307   Application of this Part to foreign ship

   308   Posting of certificates on board ship

   309   Ship not to proceed to sea without appropriate certificate

   310   Detention of ship for non-production of certificate

   311   Penalty for forgery of survey report or certificate

   312   Survey of foreign ships and issue of Convention Certificates

   313   Survey of Jamaican ships by other Convention Counties

   314   Fishing vessel safety regulations


Inspection of Ships for Safety

   315   Appointment of inspectors

   316   Inspector's powers of inspection

   317   Inspector's Report to Director

   318   Record of surveys certificates

   319   Inspection of foreign ships

   320   Production of certificate by foreign ship

   321   Inspection of foreign ships certificates

   322   Liability for undue detention or delay

   323   Liability for wilful detention or delay

   324   Regulations for safety requirements and issue of local certificates


Power of search, inspection and arrest


   325   Powers of inspector officers to board ships

   326   Power to require production of documents, etc

   327   Power of arrest


Returns of Inspectors


   328   Returns by Inspectors


Wreck and Salvage

   329   Interpretation




   330   Powers of Principal Receiver and of receivers of wreck, saving for heritage wreck

   331   Fees of receiver

   332   Function of receiver where vessel is in distress

   333   Power to pass over adjoining lands

   334   Power of receiver to use force to suppress plunder and disorder

   335   Immunity of receiver

   336   Examination on oath regarding ships in distress

   337   Rules to be observed by person find-wreck

   338   Penalty for taking wreck at time of casualty

   339   Notice of wreck to be given by receiver

   340   Delivery of wreck to owner

   341   Immediate sale of wreck by receiver in certain cases

   342   Wrecked goods subject to duties

   343   Right to unclaimed wreck

   344   Notice of unclaimed wreck to be given to persons entitled

   345   Disposal of unclaimed wreck

   346   Delivery of unclaimed wreck by receiver not to prejudice title

   347   Renewal of wreck by port, harbour or other authority

   348   Powers of Port to remove wrecks to be cumulative

   349   Minister's power of removal

   350   Breaking and removal of wrecks

   351   Extent of power of removal of wreck

   352   Taking wreck to a foreign port

   353   Unauthorised boarding of wrecked vessel

   354   Interfering with wreck, etc

   355   Summary procedure for concealment of wreck




   356   Non-application to platforms and drilling units

   357   Non-application to vessels

   358   Life of salvage

   359   Salvage of cargo

   360   Services excluded from salvage remuneration

   361   Conditions for salvage remuneration

   362   Salvage contracts

   363   Annulment or modification of contracts

   364   Duties of salvor

   365   Duties of owner and master

   366   Powers of Director

   367   Criteria for fixing salvor awards

   368   Responsibility payment of awards

   369   Question of reward

   370   Special compensation

   371   Services rendered under existing contract

   372   Apportionment between salvor

   373   Salvor misconduct

   374   Maritime lien

   375   Duty to provide security

   376   Interim payment

   377   State-owned cargo

   378   Humanitarian cargoes

   379   Salvors right to interest

   380   The common understanding regarding the reward and special compensation

   381   Recourse for life saving payment

   382   Determination of salvage disputes

   383   Valuation of property salvaged

   384   Appeal in case of salvage disputes

   385   Detention of property liable to salvage by receiver

   386   Sale of detained property

   387   Apportionment of salvage among owners, etc of foreign vessel

   388   Apportionment of salvage by receiver where mounts small

   389   Apportionment of salvage by Supreme Court

   390   Application to the Government

   391   Time limit for salvage proceedings


Carriage of Passengers

   392   Power of the Minister to make Regulations respecting passenger ships

   393   Offences in connection with passenger ships

   394   Tickets for passage


Limitation of Liability

Ship owners and Salvors


   395   Interpretation

   396   Persons entitled to limit liability

   397   Claims subject to limitation

   398   Shipowner's also has liability against ships, invoking limitation not an admission of liability

   399   Claims excepted from limitation

   400   Conduct barring limitation

   401   Counter-claim may be set off

   402   Limits of liability calculation

   403   Priorities

   404   Limits for passenger claims

   405   Conversion of Unit of Account to Jamaican funds

   406   Aggregation of claims

   407   Provision of security and release of ship

   408   Distribution of the funds

   409   Bar to other actions


Limitation of Liability of Dock and Harbour Authorities


   410   Limitation of liability


Maritime Tribunal

   411   Constitution Maritime Tribunal

   412   Power of procedure of Tribunal

   413   Report of the Tribunal

   414   Rules of Procedure

   415   Expert witnesses

   416   Payments of officers of Tribunal

   417   Indemnity


Inquiries and Investigations into Marine Casualties

   418   Investigation into shipping casualties

   419   Preliminary inquiry

   420   Formal Investigation

   421   Additional powers of Tribunal and Inquirer

   422   Suspension or cancellation of certificates

   423   Rehearings

   424   Appeals

   425   Rules relating to inquiries and investigations

   426   Power to restore certificate


Legal Proceedings Jurisdiction

   427   Jurisdiction of a Resident Magistrate's Court

   428   Provision as to jurisdiction over offences

   429   Jurisdiction over ships lying off the coast

   430   Jurisdiction in case of offences on board ship

   431   Application of fines

   432   Offence under other Law


Detention and distress on ship for damage caused


   433   Enforcing detention of ship

   434   Officer of customs to be informed of detention of ship

   435   Notice to consular officer on detention of foreign ship

   436   Distress on ship

   437   Inquiries into deaths of crew members and others

   438   Seizure and sale


Prosecutions and compounding of offences


   439   Liability of shipowners

   440   Offences by bodies of persons, servants and agents

   441   Persons who may prosecute

   442   Prosecution of offences and penalties

   443   Compounding of offences

   444   Limitation of actions


Evidence and service of documents


   445   Depositions to be received in evidence where witnesses cannot be produced

   446   Proof of attestation not required

   447   Admissibility of documents in evidence

   448   Notices, etc to be in writing

   449   Service of documents

   450   Protection of public officers and other persons acting under this Act



   451   Witnesses

   452   Powers of Directors to prescribe forms

   453   Offences in respect of use of forms, or supplying false information

   454   General power to make regulations

   455   Regulations to be subject to affirmative resolution

   456   General powers of exemption

   457   Implementation of treaties

   458   Convention applicable to Jamaica

   459   Conventions to prevail


Final and transitional Provisions

   460   Amendment of Carriage of Goods Act

   461   Repeals Third Schedule

   462   Savings

   463   Exemption of certain vessels

   464   Transitional provisions

   465   Regulations for resolving transitional difficulties




[Date of Commencement: 2nd January, 1999]

8 of 1998,
15 of 2000.

Preliminary (sections 1-5)

1   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Shipping Act.

2   Interpretation

   In this Act unless the context otherwise requires-

   "agent" in relation to a ship or the owners of a ship, means the person who is acting as such;

   "aircraft" means any craft designed for flying, and includes a seaplane or any ship or vessel able to alight upon or hover over water;

   "appointed day" means the day appointed by the Minister pursuant to section 1 for the coming into operation of this Act;

   "apprentice" means an apprentice to the sea service and includes a trainee officer or trainee seaman;

   "Authority" means the Maritime Authority established under section 6;

   "bankruptcy" includes insolvency and any other process leading to the liquidation of assets;

   "bareboat charter" in relation to a ship means the leasing of the ship for a stipulated period of time, without master and crew, on terms which give the charterer possession and control of the ship, including the right to appoint the master and crew and "bareboat chartered" shall be construed accordingly;

   "cargo" includes livestock;

   "Caribbean Community" means the Community established under the Treaty done at Chaguramas on 4th July, 1973;

   "CARICOM state" means a member state of the Caribbean Community;

   "certificate of survey" means a certificate of survey issued by a surveyor of ships pursuant to section 42;

   "Certificate of Registry" in relation to a Jamaican ship, means the Certificate of Registry issued pursuant to the provisions of Part VI.

   "consular officer" means a person discharging the duties of a consular officer on behalf of the Government of Jamaica and when used in relation to a state other than Jamaica means the officer recognised by the Government of Jamaica as a consular officer of that other state;

   "crew" in relation to a ship includes seamen and apprentices;

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