1   Short title

   2   Interpretation

   3   Principal objects of Act

   4   Tourism Enhancement Fee

   5   Power to waive, remit or refund fee

   6   Duty of carrier to collect fee

   7   Payment of fee into Fund

   8   Ministerial order

   9   Establishment of the Tourism Enhancement Fund

   10   Functions of the Fund

   11   Establishment of Board of Management

   12   Policy directions

   13   Implementation of projects, etc

   14   Resources of the Fund

   15   Application of revenue

   16   Borrowing powers

   17   Power to invest moneys

   18   Guarantee by Minister responsible for finance for borrowing by Fund and repayment of sums issued to meet guarantees

   19   Accounts and audit

   20   Annual Report

   21   Exemption from income tax

   22   Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure

   23   Offences

   24   Regulations




[Date of Commencement: 22nd December, 2005]

27 of 2004,
16 of 2011.

1   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Tourism Enhancement Act.

2   Interpretation

   In this Act-

   "aircraft" means commercial or private aircraft;

   "authorised officer" means an officer authorised by the Minister to carry out a function under section 6(1)(b);

   "Board" means the Board of Management of the Fund, established under section 11;

   "carrier" means-

   (a)   any person (whether incorporated or not) transporting passengers by ship or aircraft on any voyage or flight to or from Jamaica;

   (b)   the master or other person in command or control of the transporting ship or aircraft;

   (c)   the agent (whether based in or operating from Jamaica or outside Jamaica) of any person referred to in paragraph (a), and "agent" includes an individual or entity authorised by that person to issue specified travel documents;

[16/2011 s 2(a).]

   (d)   if the person referred to in paragraph (a) or the agent referred to in paragraph (c) is a corporation, every director and manager of that corporation;

   "destination" means a place to which a traveller journeys;

[16/2011 s 2(b).]

   "Fund" means the Tourism Enhancement Fund established under section 9;

   "point of origin" means the place from which a traveller departs to Jamaica as a destination;

[16/2011 s 2(b).]

   "ship" means a steamship or any other ship, boat, lighter or other craft of any description used for transport by water;

   "specified travel document" means a ticket, travel voucher or other travel document issued or made available to a traveller by instrument in writing, electronic or other means, by a carrier, which pertains to travel by the traveller to Jamaica, from Jamaica, or to both such travel;

[16/2011 s 2(b).]

   "tourism enhancement fee" means the fee imposed by section 4; and

   "traveller" means a person who travels by sea or air from any point of origin.

[16/2011 s 2(c).]

3   Principal objects of Act

   The principal objects of this Act are to-

   (a)   implement projects and programmes which impact on the growth and development of the tourism sector;

   (b)   encourage better management of environmental resources in Jamaica;

   (c)   enhance the overall tourist experience in Jamaica; and

   (d)   provide for the sustainable development of the tourism sector.

4   Tourism Enhancement Fee

   (1) Subject to the provisions of this Act, there shall be paid by each traveller, a tourism enhancement fee of-

   (a)   US$20 or the Jamaican dollar equivalent, in respect of travel by air;

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