1   Short title

   2   Interpretation

   3   Tradesman neglecting to perform his contract

   4   Tradesman neglecting to perform his contract

   5   Tradesman receiving goods to be repaired, etc

   6   Tradesman misappropriating goods given him to be repaired

   7   Enforcement of penalties

   8   Compensation to party aggrieved out of fine

   9   Saving right of lien

   10   Proceedings to be in conformity with Justices of the Peace Jurisdiction Act

   11   The breach of contract may in certain cases be prosecuted as a fraud



[Date of Commencement: 1861]

Cap 388.

1   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Tradesmen (Breaches of Trust) Act.

2   Interpretation

   In this Act-

   "tradesman" shall signify and include handicraftsman, artifices, manufacturer, laundress, and workman, or person following any trade, business, or mystery whatsoever;

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   "materials" shall include goods, wares, articles, chattels, and things of any kind or description whatsoever;

   "work" shall signify and include any work in any trade, handicraft, manufactory, or business whatsoever, and any repairing, fashioning, altering, or cleansing whatsoever.

3   Tradesman neglecting to perform his contract

   If any tradesman shall contract with any person to overarm any work for reward (whether the amount of such reward shall, at the time of the making of the contract, be fixed and agreed upon or not), and if, in pursuance or on the faith of such contract, such tradesman shall receives as and by way of advance or in anticipation of such reward any sum or sums of money not exceeding the whole the sum of twenty dollars; or if any sum or sums of money not exceeding in the whole the sum of twenty dollars, shall be paid to such tradesman, for the purchase of materials necessary for such work, or for any other purpose in relation thereto; and if such tradesman shall, without any lawful excuse, neglect or refuse to perform such contract, either within the time specified for the completion of the same, or, in the absence of any agreement as to time, within such time as the Justices hearing any complaint to be brought under the provisions of this Act shall deem to be reasonable, and shall neglect or refuse, when so required, to repay to the person with whom he shall have so contracted, or to his agent laws fully authorised, such sum or sums of money as he sham have so received, such tradesman shall, on summary conviction in the parish where such contract shall have been made or such tradesman shall at the time of the complaint be resident, be adjudged to pays in addition to the amount so received by him, a fine or penalty not exceeding ten dollars.

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