1   Short title

   2   Punishment for intending to depose the Queen or levy war against her, etc

   3   Punishment for intending to levy war or excite insurrection, etc

   4   Punishment for inciting to insurrection or rebellion, etc

   5   Persons not to be prosecuted for words only unless information given within six days and warrant issued within ten days

   6   Punishment of accessories before and after the fact



[Date of Commencement: 6th March, 1869]

Cap 390.

Act 42 of 1969.

1   Short title

   This Act may be cited as the Treason Felony Act.

2   Punishment for intending to depose the Queen or levy war against her, etc

   If any person or persons whosoever, after the passing of this Act, shall, within this Island, compass, imagine, invent, devise, or intend to deprive or depose our most Gracious Lady the Queen, from the style, honour, or royal name of the Crown, or to levy war against Her Majesty, in order by force or constraint to compel her to change her measures or counsels, or to put any force or restraint upon, or in order to intimidate or overawe both Houses or either House of Parliament, or to move or stir any foreigner or stranger with force to invade Jamaica, or any other Commonwealth country; and such compassing, imaginations, inventions, devices, or intentions, or any of them shall express, utter, or declare, by publishing any printing or writing, or by open and advised speaking, or by any overt act or deed, every person so offending shall be guilty of felony, and, being convicted thereof, shall be liable to be imprisoned for life, with or without hard labour.

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